QUIZ: Identify your Past-Life Fears...

  • ...and realize your soul's potential. So says Scottish-born, American-based psychic Ainslie MacLeod, who adds "each of us has one or more past-life fears. When you release past-life fears—which hold you back from achieving your true potential—you’ll have the confidence to manifest your goals and to be all you were meant to be in this lifetime. Some of us have fears and phobias that grip us and seem to rule us. We struggle to make sense of how things got that way and how to heal ourselves.

    These fears are not rooted in your current life, but they are exacerbated by it. They act as blocks to your spiritual progress but they can also offer lessons and opportunities to grow. If you can identify and release past life fears—which hold you back from achieving your true potential—you’ll have the confidence to reach your goals and to be all you were meant to be in this life."

    His spirit guides suggest that we are standing on the brink of the greatest leap in human consciousness in 55,000 years. For each of us to take an active part in this shift, we must learn how to release the fears our souls have accumulated over many lifetimes, while retaining the essential wisdom that each incarnation has given us.

    What are the old fears that you may have brought with you into this lifetime that might be stopping you having everything you want? Ainslie MacLeod provides this quiz that might help -

    Have a pen and paper ready. For each of the 50 statements below, write down the answer which describes you best.


    a) means this is not like me at all.

    b) means this is somewhat like me.

    c) means this is exactly like me.

    Tip: Trust your instincts—go with your first hit on how you feel this applies to your life today.


    1. I get nervous around superiors at work or people in uniform.

    2. If people in authority want my respect, they need to earn it.

    3. I get extremely anxious when stopped by the police.

    4. I feel strongly motivated to help those less fortunate than myself.

    5. Racism, sexism, and all kinds of discrimination deeply upset me.


    6. I try not to get too attached to material things.

    7. I have to clear out clutter every so often.

    8. I prefer to have few possessions.

    9. I feel uncertain about the future.

    10. I worry something awful might happen to my family members.


    11. I often compare myself to others and can experience jealousy at times.

    12. I feel I should be doing better at this stage in my life.

    13. I have lots of plans, but can’t seem to get motivated.

    14. I keep waiting for someone or something to change my life.

    15. Sometimes I feel like I’m a victim of circumstances.


    16. If someone betrays me, I feel like I’ll never trust him or her again.

    17. I’m an exceptionally loyal friend.

    18. It hurts me that life is not more fair.

    19. I loathe injustice of all kinds.

    20. If someone shows disloyalty to me, I’ll keep him or her at arm’s length.


    21. I feel like there’s not enough time to achieve everything I want to do.

    22. I get anxious about making mistakes or choosing the wrong path.

    23. I feel motivated to keep learning new things.

    24. I am terrified of loud noises and/or aggression.

    25. Once I know I’m on the right path, I’m unstoppable.


    26. I hold a part of me back in my relationships.

    27. I’ve never given 100 percent to anyone.

    28. In a relationship, I’ll close down emotionally if I feel threatened or insecure.

    29. I can find it hard to understand my partner’s point of view.

    30. I can go for long periods of time without the need for intimacy.


    31. When I try to speak out, the right words never seem to come to me.

    32. When I’m called on to speak, I tend to clam up or blurt out something stupid.

    33. I’m often reluctant to express my true beliefs.

    34. I’m terrified that if I put my thoughts down on paper someone might read it.

    35. I keep my opinions to myself.


    36. I hate being told what to do.

    37. I can’t stand having anyone breathing down my neck when I’m working.

    38. I’ve been accused of being a control freak.

    39. I’d rather die than go to prison.

    40. I want the freedom to be myself.


    41. I have an unexplained phobia.

    42. I’m terrified of public speaking.

    43. I hate hospitals/vomiting/sick people/the sight of blood (any one or more).

    44. I hate to be in the public eye.

    45. I am totally opposed to war.


    46. I have big abandonment issues.

    47. I’ve never felt like I truly fit in anywhere.

    48. Sometimes I get deep unexplained feelings of loneliness.

    49. I find it hard to forgive and forget.

    50. I like to bring people together.

    Now score EACH section separately - 0 for an a), 3 for a b), and 5 for a c) answer.

    0 - 5 points: You have nothing to worry about. You may have mostly or totally overcome this fear, or managed to avoid triggering it in this lifetime.

    6 - 12 points: Your fear is relatively mild, and unlikely to cause you too many problems. Its effects should take little effort to shift.

    13 - 19 points: This fear is likely to manifest strongly from time to time or affect you in significant ways. It definitely requires some healing.

    20 - 25 points: Your fear is particularly impactful, and may influence your life in many ways. It will, however, heal if you work on it.


    Past-Life Fear of Authority

    A past-life fear of authority is the result of you having been the victim of the abuse of authority in a previous incarnation. Having been discriminated against, your sense of equality will have been compromised, making it hard to recognize that no one is superior or lesser than you. In this life, you may feel anxiety in the proximity of people in uniforms, or individuals or groups who consider themselves your superiors. Helping those less fortunate than yourself is an ideal way to overcome the fear, and help you identify more strongly with other souls. When you embody your soul’s core value of equality, you’ll recognize your true worth as a valuable member of the tribe, no better or worse than any other. This awareness will help to break down the Illusion and connect you more strongly than ever to your soul.


    Past-Life Fear of Loss

    If you have a past-life fear of loss you’ll have an underlying sense that “anything could happen,” and a lack of security about the future. You’ll have a tendency to “travel light,” as the soul-level feeling is “The less I have, the less I have to lose.” The cause of the fear is having lost everything—your family, your partner, or your possessions—in a previous lifetime. Overcoming this fear involves reconnecting with others to learn the importance of participation in life.


    Past-Life Fear of Inferiority

    A past-life fear of inferiority stems from a lifetime in which you had little or no opportunity to exercise your free will. Perhaps your parents made every major decision for you, or maybe you chose to do what other people wanted, rather than make your own choices. In this life, you’ll run the risk of falling into a state of submission when someone attempts to disempower you. The tendency to see yourself as unable to change your circumstances can be overcome by learning to exercise self-determination.


    Past-Life Fear of Betrayal

    When someone, or some organization, has betrayed your trust in a previous lifetime, you’ll have a hair trigger when it comes to issues of loyalty. If someone lets you down, you might cut them completely out of your life to avoid having to face the fear again. You’ll have a higher than average awareness of the importance of fairness and, since your soul recognizes that like attracts like, you will be a loyal friend to others.


    Past-Life Fear of Failure

    A past-life fear of failure means you’ve had several incomplete lifetimes prior to this one. As a result of missing out on experiences, your soul will imbue you with curiosity in an effort to help you make up for lost time. You’ll seek out fact-based knowledge, and see life as an opportunity to keep learning. The fear that you may not achieve your life plan may result in feelings of anxiety ("there’s so much to do") or inertia ("there’s no point in starting what I may never have the chance to finish.")


    Past-Life Fear of Intimacy

    A past-life fear of intimacy stems from lives in which getting close to someone has been associated with pain, grief, or sadness. The death of a beloved spouse in the past creates a reluctance to love so deeply again. You will hold a part of yourself back in close relationships, and react to perceived threats to your emotional safety by putting an invisible wall up between you and the other person. The key to overcoming the fear is to build empathy to increase your ability to connect more deeply.


    Past-Life Fear of Self-Expression

    A past-life fear of self-expression is the result of suffering persecution or trauma as a result of something you said or wrote, your religious beliefs, or your political opinions in another life. In this life, you might experience anxiety when you express yourself verbally or in writing. The symptoms include clamming up, blurting or saying something inappropriate, or writer’s block. You may even have physical symptoms like hoarseness or dry-mouth when you voice your thoughts.


    Past-Life Fear of Powerlessness

    The motto of a person with a past-life fear of powerlessness is “Don’t tell me what to do!” Having had your freedom curtailed in a previous life, you won’t want anyone running your life for you. You’ll recognize that freedom is a right that each of us should have the maximum opportunity to experience. Your previous experiences of incarceration or slavery will make the idea of being imprisoned frightening to you. You may have a need to control other people or your environment.


    Past-Life Fear of Death

    Phobias are death-related fears from earlier lifetimes. The most common is a phobia of judgment, and is usually marked by a fear of public speaking, being tested, or being forced into the spotlight. Other phobias like sickness create anxiety around hospitals, illness, and blood. Any sudden, dramatic, or frightening death can create a phobia and will, in older souls, result in strong aversion to war and violence.


    Past-Life Fear of Rejection

    When you’ve had a life in which you’ve been excommunicated, shunned, or thrown out of the family or community, you’ll show signs of a past-life fear of rejection. The most common marker is a feeling of not ever belonging to your community. It can be triggered by emotional or physical abandonment, especially from one or both parents or a spouse. The fear can create a sense of detachment, and feelings of loneliness that may hit you without warning. Beneath a fear of rejection lie strong negative emotions such as resentment and bitterness, which is why the cure involves learning the power of forgiveness.

    Past-life fears act as blocks to your spiritual progress by keeping you stuck behind the Illusion. You must overcome them to reach a higher level of consciousness. When you’ve worked through all of your past-life fears, you’ll have undergone a process that would take most souls lifetimes to achieve. If you are an old soul, you may be carrying around many of the past-life fears. Don’t worry! It’s a sign that you’re strongly connected to your soul and your many previous incarnations. Be assured that all past-life fears can be healed. The first step is the one you’re taking here: to identify the fear itself.

  • According to the test score, I have unresolved issues to do with Loss, Betrayal, Failure, Intimacy, and Powerlessness which sounds about right. Luckily for me though, none are in the most severe range. But it gives me an idea of what I need to work on healing.

  • My goodness, I had scores between ten and twenty-five on every single section.

    My lowest score, incidentally, is the fear of death, which I got a ten on. And my highest? Fear of loss. (which might explain some present-life body issues that I have now. Hmm, things to ponder.

    Thanks, Captain!

  • I actually think that some parts of these fears can work for us, like not wanting to get attached to material things, clearing out clutter every so often, liking to bring people together, and being a loyal friend.

  • I know that I've spent at least one lifetime as a priest, so I do think that my love of learning carries over from that (and probably helps, not hinders). My fear of loss is probably also a holdover from that, particularly the "material things" part.

    I do agree that a lot of those fears can work for us, though, if we live on the light side of them! (I think the shadow side of the fear of loss, for instance, would be hoarding everything to an extreme degree)

  • This quiz is brilliant! I've issues with a lot of things...most of which I knew about already but didn't fully understand...mine are authority, betrayal, intimacy, powerlessness, death and rejection...death I was surprised at because I don't have a fear of death now (through my own beliefs) but on answering the questions I scored very high....interesting?! Thanks for this Captain 🙂 I've been looking into Past Life stuff lately, the Akashic records have really caught my attention so this quiz is great, give some needed understanding!!

  • That was interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  • You're welcome! 🙂

  • III Fear of Inferiority -> 23

    X Fear of Rejection -> 21

    The only category in which I scored under 10 was VI Fear of Intimacy - 3

    All others ranged from 13 to 19.

    I can totally see that my current lifestyle is getting positive results. A few of these answers, I thought things like ''a few years ago I would've replied C, but now I'd only reply B.'' or ''a few years I'd have replied B, but now I'd only reply A''.

    Thanks for sharing, Captain!

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