For my daughter

  • I hope I am submitting this correctly.

    My question is in regards to my daughter (birthday 9/29). She is a junior in high school and was new to the school last year. She has been very successful in making friends and becoming involved in the school through academics and extracurricular activities. She is a very happy and outgoing teenager. The one area, though, that she has not found success in is in dating. There have been many boys who have expressed interest in her but they have not been a good match for her. She is becoming sad and frustrated as to why this area of her life is not coming together as she has so much to offer. She really has a positive, upbeat outlook but as time goes on the situation frustrates her more and more. She would love to know if there is a guy out there for her who will treat her well and is someone that she can have a healthy romantic relationship with. There has been one boy in particular, his name is Dylan (birthday 6/29), that she has liked for a while. He seems interested in her but they have not yet been romantically linked. Can you please guide us on what her future holds as far as any romantic relationships with either Dylan or any other specific boy who is on her path?

    Thank you so much for your guidance.

  • Anybody? Again, I am not sure if I am posting this correctly! Sorry if I am doing it wrong but I would love some insight.


  • I can look it up but you will need to give more info

    your daughter mm/dd/yy , time of birth , place of birth

    Dylan mm/dd/yy , time of birth , place of birth

    at least your daughter's info needs to be accurate

    I am very busy this week, so I can do it next week

    if you are in a hurry, start a new thread maybe this time someone will notice

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