Where do abusive violent lower life forms fit in

  • we both have been floating around for 2 years sorta of homeless him in his place me in mine not settled and everything in storage no other relationships he probably had flings but too much into his addiction to get invovled it 's like that song Picture kid rock and cherly crow

  • I am also reading a new earth about egos and pain bodies and the only solution is being in the present

  • Astrology just tells you where your strengths and weaknesses are. But the choices you make are still up to you. One person may have the same challanges as another but one may choose to overcome it and another to wallow in it. Astrology can't tell you the choices you will make, just how you will be influenced. Like watching the weather. The news may tell you it is going to rain, but weather or not you choose to bring an umbrella or not is up to you. and if you dont bring one and get wet, you choose how you handle that and if you let it wreck your day or not.

  • I have just read a book called seven steps to eternity by Stephen Turoff that will answer the question for you. There are seven plains of existence before heaven with earth being level three. Hence two levels below earth - nominally hell and four above. Free will plays a huge part and if you give in to your base desires then you do not progress up the levels. Possession and being coerced by other lower forms does exist and will also lead you to a path of falling below level three. We are all here to develop spiritually an learn lessons to develop us further. Will power and love are the only true currencies in this form and if your will power is over taken by desire then you lose control.

  • Sorry,only recently have I discovered a cancer without a foul intent. They can be extremely self absorbed and all about their new fantasy escape from reality and responsibility. But now that I am more socialized, I now know that some cancers are quite the responsible and reliable kind (one or both). But I am still very watchful for there mood swings>>>one day your the queen/king the next day your the scum the lines there next insidious plan of complete take down!!!

  • I thank everyone for their input, just to update the situation, the cancer guy has made plans to move back with me for the last 2 months and turn his life around but can not manage to get on a bus and travel 3hrs to get here phone calls were few and only messages most the time I am angry with his evasiveness when talked to him last week he left me on hold long distance because he was doing dishes and said he could'nt wait to get on the bus the next day when he got his welfare chk i never heard from him and called Friday and left a message wishing him good luck with his new plan and don't need to call me again. I f eel he is with some one else, and I was his backup plan

  • The red flags were everywhere

  • I'm happy to hear you've strengthened your resolve to move on. Talk is cheap and actions

    themselves speak volumes about ones intent, personality etc.. I won't repeat the thoughts conveyed

    in my prior post. Best of luck! I cannot imagine your life NOT IMPROVING from now on :]

  • This post is deleted!

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