Where do abusive violent lower life forms fit in

  • I am just wondering Consistantly about the negative people out there even drug addicts, and abusers have sun signs and houses losers and and malicious types have sun signs and homeless have sun signs where do they fit in to astrology

  • unfortunately, they are the lost ones, they more than likely have a very religious upbringing, but choose to follow the thorned path. I aplogize for my next comment, but are you from some rural area that is not familiar with the pain and suffering of urban life? You know drug addiction is not only in the cities, people from the suburbs are the ones that keep the business going, so judge lest ye not be judged, You and I and everyone else should be doing our best to help these people get on the right path without shoving religion, astrology or anything else but love and empathy to them. you never know when it might be you.

  • ...STOP-

    you make no sense in astrology..

    By the way the president of the US is a sun sign too.. As a matter of fact a couple of presidents..

    It is funny that you are talking about maliciousness and negativity when this is exactly what you do right now.

  • Judge not, lest ye be judged.

    In our current economic times, many of us are just one paycheck away from being homeless. Many of our young people are lured into a life of drugs by predators in schoolyards, wearing lots of "bling" and boasting about easy money.

    It takes about a week to get a vulnerable person hooked on crack cocaine, and what follows is often years of slavery to pimps and pushers.

    I live in a large city, there is a huge drug problem in my neighbourhood. Unfortunately, many of the dealers come from the suburbs to ply their trade.

    Be thankful for what you've got. Focus on compassion, rather than judgement.

    What most people need in this life are three things:

    1 - a home

    2 - a job

    3 - a friend

    Drug addiction is usually a symptom of underlying issues such as abuse, low self-esteem, and many other things.

    Unfortunately many addicts are unable to find housing until they get the supports they need (counselling, detox, etc.) In my city, many of the detox centres have been closed due to lack of funding). Thing will probably get worse before they get better.

    Thank the universe for your health and wealth and get on with YOUR life.

  • I didn't take this poster the way the rest of you did. Yes, there certainly could have been more declorum in the way they expressed their question...but I think the poster was just trying to ask a question I have wondered about also. I think they were just trying to say that there are a lot of positives in each personality profile, so where do the most violent criminals, etc. seem to fit in? Some, like pisces, for instance, do say it tends to have greater propensity towards addictive behaviour....but in general, the profiles convey more strengths than weaknesses. I just see our profiles as more of a blueprint of who we were created to be....but our life experiences can certainly alter that. I am an Aries with that strong temperment but I am sensitive and thin-skinned because I have been through a lot of childhood abuse. If that had taken place without finding love in my life, I could have very likely gone down a very destructive path...as it is with anyone. I am sure all signs have the capacity for good and evil. It is the age old debate of nature vs. nurture.

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  • I agree with FYI, but why does this have to be a debate of nature VS nurture, rather than applying both to a situation? I have always thought that it is important to be able to maintain the balance of the two, rather than become black or white on either. I myself have become a victim of being nurtured or peer-pressured into drugs by friends (i came from a very anti-illegal-drug family). Because of the way i am, i was able to use nature to find the balance i needed. This is why we all have the capacity for compassion, it is nature's way of expressing balance where it is needed. But, like always, different astrological signs have different balancing points and need to find their own way of achieving balance. Maybe because i can see both sides of something clearly is why i have found this to work. There are many of us that fall short of finding that balance and fall to the depths of what nature is capable of.

  • I appreciate the feed back because Aquarian sun sign, I am consistantly attracting addictive types and most of my exes are cancer. and my last heart breaking cancer is depenpendent on cigureets,he's a gambler,alcoholic,drugs,and abusive, and for 9 years I have tried to change Him to

    no Avail I supported him he never worked or paid for anything , he never bought me a gift or took me for adinner that i didn't pay for. He's stole off me ,he's lied and cheated now he's out the door for 6 months, and I can't stop loving him.and i am just wondering why he is also a perfectionist.and the homey crab does not support his children From another marriage

  • Gonna address the issues one at a time here. 1. I'm no expert or professional. I attended the school of life. My only addiction now is quality tobacco. It's killing me But I need it; in my mind.

    Being a former cocaine dealer/addict. I was fortunate enough to look in the mirror one day

    back in 84 after 5 yrs. and say enough! I've never looked back. I was young yet still NEVER brought my

    buisness home where it would threaten or have consequences on my family.

    I wasn't born into poverty or anything either. I was part of a middle class, caring and hard working family. I had the opportunity and worked in some very good fields.

    The key to quitting ANY addiction in my opinion is WANTING to. Abuse well I've never been able to understand or tolerate that from either gender. As far as you being treated like well.. garbage. As long as you

    enabled him to live life without consequences and supported him. Did you really expect things to change for the better? Not supporting the life(s) he brought into this world well.... that just speaks volumes about ones morals & personality. I tire of hearing the excuse the alch, drugs, food, made me do it. That's simply a lame excuse. I can't fault you for still loving this person

    although , can't pretend to understand it. I hope that in the future You realize that you deserve better from life and the people around you. That your love, compassion & affections have to be well.. earned & not just given without regard to a mutual respect, honesty, & kindness.

  • Haleyscomet I have been there and done that. But until I realized I deserved better I was going to keep drawing the same kind of people to me. I changed and so did the men in my life.

  • Hi, When I read this post, I'm thinking about the most violent of types. Seems these people have no regard for the law or humanity. Why does this happen. Could be a lot of different answers according to whoever you ask. But, if you ask me, it's a total disregard for human life, someone who is prone to do whatever they want. Someone who has really broken boundaries. I've known a couple like this in my lifetime. These people are dangerous. I guess the most frightening are the ones who are secretive in their motives (total disregard of human life.) It's something everyone tries to protect themselves from on a day to day basis. It's there, we hope that it'll never happen to us. Prayer helps.

  • Excuse your self for not thinking out side the box. But your question has nothing to do with astrology at all. Addiction and abuse is all over the world,try praying for these people and giving them a kind word. You never know,it might be you that makes the difference in their life. My motto is,if you have nothing nice to add than substract your self from making a fool out of your self,word from THEWIZE1!

  • I agree with THEWIZE1. We are all God's children & when one is lost He/She hurts beyond understanding. The best that we healthier ones can do is pray for the lost souls.

    Remember - There but for the grace of God goes I.


  • I disagree to a large extent. Look: This woman has shown him compassion, love, etc.....

    also given him more than enough chances. He seems to show no regard or compassion.

    I've been and known others whom were addicted. Still: I had the presence of mind and kept

    enough of who I am as to not hurt others in my life who loved, cared, & still remained by my

    side. The whole child support issue speaks volumes of one personality also.

    I don't disagree if prayer is your thing to pray for the person in hopes of recovery etc..

    I tire of people blaming abhorrent behavior on the "addiction" . At a point.. you have to just let them go. Realize that you deserve better . Once they grow a backbone and {Want to quit} they will.

  • you love whom you love and that is just the way it is. but in my own experiences number one you cannot change another person no matter how much you may want to this is a total waist of energy and time, number two the more you allow someone to take, and take, and lie, steal, cheat, and disrespect you and have zero regard for your feelings the more this person will continue to do this. and over time this kind of treatment and behavor will intensify. basically you are telling this person that it is all right for them to treat you this way, and it is not!! i am no expert but i think it would be wise to take a real, long look at this situation and your self because you are playing a part in it too. i am not trying to be harsh or cruel just realistic because i have seen this happen to a lot of people that i have known and this type of situation can get real ugly fast, but only if you allow it to.

  • I never once said that you have to stay with anyone that has an addiction of any sort. Just because you let them go,does not mean you have to pour water on them when they'er already drowning. You can step back and still pray for them and countinue to encourage them. The worst thing you can do is totally cast them a side. You can work behind the scene and let them know that you care about them. Because God can change anyone through prayer,it might just be your prayer that counts. Thanks for the feed back THEWIZE1.

  • There,you said the magic word-if you allow it to! You can be strong enough to work from behind the scene and pray for this person,after all prayer does'nt cost a thing.

  • I think I know what Haleyscomet is asking: If a person comes across as being abusive, how will that show on their natal chart? After all, a person's natal chart can show personality traits, if one can read it like the experts do here. I agree that s/he could have worded the question a bit better, but isn't it time that we got off the "judging others" topic? Let's focus on what s/he's asking: How do negative personality traits show up in one's chart?

    I know that it can because of my own inborn problem: Adult ADHD. I've had this since birth, and it shows in my chart --as a Jupiter trine! I'm not sure if every Jupiter Trine means that a person will/does have ADHD, but it's a theory of mine that natal charts can show tendencies of future psychological problems such as ADHD. I just don't have the data to prove it --yet. I wouldn't mind proving it, as I'd be putting in my own chart in as well. I may be in the minority, but aren't we all entitled to our own opinion?

  • EXACTLY what I was wondering about is it sun sign predominate or aspects or a strong mars in hou se of home and will this ever change as venus turns direct I receive another phone call from him, He doesn't want to live without me. BBBBBBBBBBBbegs my forgiveness and wishes we could be together again, in a heathly relationship he will go in to treatment or whatever it takes he misses the best thing he ever had and the only chance to be responsible. and have someone that loves him ( i remind him his so called freinds don't feed him or care what he does their just good time freinds , I am struggling with this, As i know I am addicted to him but don't miss the drama.I see so much potential in him he is a real good person if he could get heathly is it in the stars.

  • I also went and got him a st. jude metal and had it blessed for his birthday 2007 but i don't know what he did with it. I pray for him. I wish him the best

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