Help with my premonition please

  • Hello, my name is Janeanne, and this is my first night on the forum, but I have been on this sight for along time. I hate to sit here and just ask someone to help me when I am sure you are all asked a million times, but my heart is telling me that it isn't going to be like sometime this year. It's telling me really really soon the year of 2010. My prem is of my dad having some kind of heart failure at his supperclub after hours. His wife is there, but she is NO help to him. I see him on the floor not completely dying right away. It takes him a few seconds to lay himself on the floor and take this last breaths. I think that it is in God's hands weither he dies or not. But I really want or need to be there cause I wasn't when my older brother committed suicide. Noone would let me drive up to the house and see him as he was originally and I am not going to not see my daddy. He is my best friend, and he is telling me he is ready to go, and when he is asked to go, there won't be any hesitation. So, if anyone has time and can help me out, and also tell me how to get more of the prems and how to get more detail so I don't have to ask anymore that would be great. Thank you all for listening. I sure hope it isnt tonight. It feels way close this evening, like the prems of my brother that night he did what he did.

  • Tell me about how this premonition came to you because I feel it is more like a fear of history repeating itself than a real prophecy. I also feel you think that your father's partner is stealing 'his heart' away from you.

  • Hi Janeanne, I sense a distance of sorts. I don't know if it's miles, his partner or that you need to talk with him. We can't always be there for someone but it might help if you tell him how you feel. This will be a heavy burden for you to carry. Ask for the strength to guide you thru it. Love.

  • ok thanks

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