Aloha Watergirl...

  • Aloha from Hawaii! 🙂

    I see you're the one with the tarot skills on here. I'm wondering if I could ask for some help as well. I have some gypsy fortune telling cards, but they're not as accurate as Tarot and I think I basically need a second opinion outside of the situation and some more detailed answers that Tarot can provide. My birthdate is 6-3-76.

    Here's the story and situation I need help deciding on...

    I recently was dating someone and he started backing out saying he didn't know what he wanted. So we stayed friends. Then we started hanging out more than we did when we were dating. Then the intimate stuff started happening again and it was like we were dating again, but I wasn't allowed to use the girlfriend title yet he acted like m boyfriend and everyone said it was pretty obvious we were together, even though he wanted us to just look like friends when we were hanging out with friends. It was rather confusing. I went along with it, in hopes that it would progress and it would naturally just fall into place. Now he rarely ever talks to me unless I instigate conversation and we haven't really hung out and done anything fun together like we used to for a while. I'm slowly trying to let it go, but I'm having a hard time having closure with it, especially when he shows up at my house every once in a while and wants to stay the night or just watch a movie or something. It's like a push and pull game. He said recently that he's been wanting to stay home more and that he's been having self esteem and confidence issues. I'm really confused as to what he wants because it changes constantly. His birthdate is 7-16-79 I just want to know what's really going on with this and if I should stay friends or just back out entirely. I've started to think that it will never progress into anything more than what it is now. Am I right?

    Then recently my high school sweetheart and I have started talking a lot more again. We have always kept in touch and we saw each other for the first time at our HS reunion a couple years ago and the sparks were still flying then. His birthdate is 1-20-79. The problem is that I live in Hawaii and he lives in Florida. I love my life in Hawaii and I really don't want to leave, but this has always been a roadblock for us trying to get back together (living far apart). He has brought up the idea of us getting back together several times. I always turn him down, and then later I regret doing that. Why am I so scared? I don't really have any ties to family and I don't have an awesome job or anything, so I could easily pack up and leave. He is coming to visit me in a few months and I wanted to see how things would go. I'm curious to know if us getting back together would be a good move or is my life meant to be in Hawaii? I feel the most at home and at peace here than anywhere I have ever lived, but I feel like finding a quality relationship here isn't going to happen. I guess I just fear that it wouldn't last if I just up and left. Do I take the risk? there something else in store for me here? The islands called me to move here 8 months ago. So I sold everything I owned and left with only 3 suitcases of stuff. I'm kind of at the crossroads in my life....I believe me moving here was to start my life over fresh from all the past drama and hard times I was having and do some healing here in the islands. I feel like it has been a fresh start, but I feel like I don't know what direction I need to go in now....or if I'm still in the healing stages and need to just wait it out.

    Many Mahalo's for any insight you can give me. 🙂

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  • Many Mahalo's Watergirl!!

    You and everyone else is right about guy #1. I already knew this. I cut him loose as far as any dating or intimacy goes. But he still contacts me as a friend. Should I even be friends with him? I know he's not right for me and I don't have that strong feeling of liking him now, but why is it so hard to just walk away entirely?

    As far as guy #2....I have always compared every guy I've ever dated to him. I've always wondered "what if" with him for years and years. I guess I'm just afraid that I have high expectations of what it should be and I fear that if I go with it and be with him it won't meet those expectations and i'll be disappointed. Part of me being a gemini gives me so much trouble making up my mind and I do suffer from "the grass is greener" syndrome when I'm forced to make a decision. It's a blessing and a curse. He is coming to visit me early next year, so that gives me a few months to think about it, continue my healing here and then see what happens.

    Thank you for the's soo great to hear that my move to Hawaii wasn't a big mistake. I have always felt drawn to this place and I still feel overwhelmed with happiness and great feelings when I look around at the beach, the mountains, the sky, the ocean and feel the warmth of the sun.... and I can't believe I live here. This place still amazes me everyday the beauty and peacefulness here. I really feel at home here. I'm looking forward to this clarity of vision that you mentioned. Right now I just feel like I have my hands tied behind my back, but I feel like there is great things in store. Another gemini thing I guess.....I always want instant results and I have a very hard time being patient for things to fall into place. Maybe moving to Hawaii was part of the process since everyone is on island time here and it has forced me to slow down a lot. 🙂

    I also decided to put the need of wanting a relationship aside. I have had many men asking me out and I have turned several of them down. It actually felt liberating to say no. I have just decided along with the help of your reading to just let it come as it's supposed to. I have been through a lot of BAD Relationships and I deserve a good one.....I'll just have to wait until the right time for it I guess. Thank you sooooo much for doing this for me 🙂

    Oh....Lepekalina is Hawaiian. It's the Hawaiian translation of my real name - Rebecca Lynn

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