I'm wondering about my apartment house's origin & history!

  • My building was said to be built 1927-30, & originate as a speakeasy/bordello. It has a beatiful large tree (diseased though!) in the backyard; it's a tall slender brickhouse, with normally loving vibes that attract animal/nature lovers; however it attracts 40-ish women with dark pigment who start chubby & get slender, and have emotional and sleep disturbances and occasional outbursts. They're cat lovers, too. Who started down there!?

  • I suggest u consult city archives, library archives and such, mayb museum society, city society n such, mayb history coiety in ur town.

    wish u luck

  • Apple, this brick nuilding you speak of was used as a "ritual house". It reminds me of that movie with sandra bulluk. People used to visit a women there for help. She has the grounds covered so I wouldn't worry about to much negativity. This place was used for love and worship. Where people found peace and hope, and love! She was a guide for lost and helpess people. "practical magik" Like her aunts did in the movie! Not only readings but would help resolve problems. I bet when you find more history you will beable to uncover something personal that will help reveal what you need to know! God bless!


  • Serious-- I just learned that it may've been built as early as 1892, and its house number's 192. It was near a famous racetrack that's been built over by houses and a new street or 2 so it's just a normal row of streets & houses. And it wasn't filed in a map until 1906 on Halloween!!! But the history I had town hall print out has no information prior to when it became a 4-apartment complex in 1951. That 1st landlady had fire-resistance violations in the report, and the report stated need of repair to fire & water damage, as well as the desire of removing this small car garage in the backyard in '97 or '98 from 1951 or '52 that wasn't originally built with the house in 1892. But why do all the darker-skinned/haired/eyed 40-or-50-ish women who live in that front downstairs apartment start out happy & then begin having appetite & sleep issues and become acutely noise sensitive and then tamper with the downstairs & basement equipment and have loud tantrums & issues with our landlady, and make 'trouble' and get strange ideas and cause strange situations of concern to the landlady & other tenants? My friend changed dramatically after she moved in-- she began happy, cheerful, dreamy, generous, & easygoing & carefree, and very sociable & loyal; now she lost must weight, is acutely noise sensitive just like her cat, depressed/sad/angry, isolated, very private-- even paranoid that our company or delivery people may be invading her privacy and trying to flirt inappropriately with her-- she even screamed at me & banged on my door to accuse me of participating and making noise when all I did was mumble to myself about how cute my boyfriend is! She no longer has that dreamy/mischievous facial expression-- instead she looks too serious. She looks & acts like a totally different person. Boys come around just to tease her & wake her because her bedtime must be very early, and they call her dirty names and pretend to challenge her to a fight as a joke! And I also suspect the heat & cold make her act out-- the last week of January both ladies had a freak out as if reliving some trauma occurring then-- and then my friend recently had her major freakout just after her birthday (exactly opposite side of the year-- last week of July!) What do you think happened in latter January, Serious!? And why won't the town file more of its history & photos in the report? Maybe it could've been the racetrack inn? Maybe that's why it was originally built? And WAS it ever in fact a speakeasy or bordello? Is that why my friend swears guys stalk her? And might she have a past life connection with it-- landlady, proprieter, employee, other tenant? Do me & my boyfriend? And does my male friend (who I have a crush on, who moved into the area of the racetrack/street owner's original home at the SAME time my female friend moved downstairs from me? And we found a swan in our yard right then!) Will HE ever live there? He already visited another earlier neighbor-friend of mine before I either moved there or met him! (Not to mention he lived a couple blocks away from me two other times before he even met me-- first time, I was born 2 blocks from him when we were kids!) Thank you, Serious!!! 🙂

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