Anyone....Need advice PLEASE!!

  • Im in need of advice on alot of aspects in life, at times I feel so lost. Im a single mother, living with my parents. The one thing I feel is right in my life is my parenting, but I feel there are so many things I need to do to get our life started. My parents always tell me to just sit still right now and raise my son, which is what Ive been doing for two years now and Im enjoying motherhood so much. I really want to support myself and my son on my own, just dont know where to start. Im really interested in school I would like to study psychology. Whenever I start to try to get things in order to make a change like starting school, I get afraid of change and how will I balance everything. I just dont know where or how to start or if this is even the right time. I guess my question is just that, how and when do I start to make changes? Where do I start??

    Thanks to anyone who has a moment to advise me!!

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  • Hi, Going back to school is great and will help you in the long run. When you decide to go is really up to you. I went to college when my son was in grade school. It seemed like a heavy load because I was taking a full load. My advice is to go for it.

  • Hi's time. Go for it. It will all fall in place. Get excited and beat down your fears! I did the same thing....single parent & went to school for mental health....which by the way helped me in all areas in my life. It truly teaches you about others & to not be judgemental. It opens your mind & helped me be a good leader at some of my jobs & at home.....

    Once you step out there you will realize you are strong enough to balance everything out.....even starting part time in school then maybe working yourself up to full. There are lots of financial options for parents as well....grants where school will be free. You can do it!!!!

  • the way.....which ever school you are thinking about attending will guide you in every step of the process. I would contact one & start speaking to an advisor. They will let you know everything you need to do & how it will all work. They will make it easier for you than what you are probably thinking it will be including the financial areas. It will all boil down to just making the time to follow the steps to get everything rolling.....if you start now you might be a proud college student by next quarter.... 😃

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