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  • Would someone please give me a reading if it's not too much trouble. I want to know if I will get better at realisms drawing. I am trying very hard but I seem to be having concentration issues and I don't know why. I want to draw so realistic that it looks like a photograph and I keep pushing myself and pushing myself but I keep stuffing up 😞 Anyone?

  • Are you self-taught or taking lessons?

  • Hello Captain 🙂 I am taking lessons in University. I am studying arts and I am worried I chose the wrong career because even though I LOVE drawing I can't seem to get it together.:(

  • Perhaps the act of having to focus so much inhibits your artistic flow? Maybe there are other aspects of art that you might like to try - perhaps something that requires less concentration and more creativity like freestyle painting or sculpture or pottery or something?

  • I love to draw and specially in this field I just feel I am a slow learner ... It takes longer for me to get it than others. Could you please do a reading for me about my future in the arts.. or just my future career etc? Captain? My bday is 4th of August. Thank you so much. 🙂

  • What is your birthyear?

  • Oops sorry LOL... 4th of August 1990. Thank you Captain. 🙂

  • Fluffyuggs, you will not succeed in either drawing or in life as long as you try to follow someone else's way of doing. You need to find your own style, not try to follow somebody else's technique or tutorial. Try to achieve the same results but using your own ideas. It's good to focus on what you want but you have to find your own authentic way of doing and being, even if it is very different from others. You are an original thinker and a visionary so don't beat yourself up so much. Stop focusing on the negative - on what you can't do. You are loaded with talent, enormously creative and gifted. How can you fail? Only by doubting yourself. You can get so obsessed with your own pain that you push away the very people who love you and want to help you. Find yourself a compatible mentor/teacher who understands that you need to do things your way.

    Don't let the thought of others depending on you, or a craving to be popular and to gain others' approval stop you doing your own thing. Your need for attention can lead you to either behave brilliantly or stuff everything up, whatever will make other people notice you. You will do best in life when self-employed or working in an independent capacity. You bore easily so you need to find an unusual way of approaching drawing, and indeed everything in life - the 'normal' way will be too dull for you. You also need to leave large blocks of time free for yourself in order to recharge your batteries and stay on an even keel emotionally and mentally. Because of your rather nervous disposition, you should avoid unstable impractical people as friends.

    When you feel spaced out or have trouble understanding something, it is a sign that you are not grounded enough. Things that will help to ground you include meditation, yoga, walking in nature, playing with animals, exercise, eating earthy nourishing food, and creating a peaceful quiet home base and environment.

  • Wow... I am amazed at your reading. You could not be more accurate. You picked up on so many things.. and I totally agree with this reading on all points. wow.. you really are amazing.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, you have given me much needed clarity.


  • You're welcome! 🙂

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