Saying Good Bye

  • I am a real fan of Tarot and everything Psychic. I used to enjoy my time on this site a lot.

    I will not be here anymore. I have been attacked, demolished, trashed you name it on this site by some intruders that have nothing to do with the Magical world.

    They are here to harass me, lie and talk bad about everything I am and I do.

    I know I am a beautiful person inside and out. I have no regrets for what I have done in my life. I have done no harm to anyone still I am being hated for just my existence.

    I studied almost all my life and I always did good in school. My academical background is excellent. I have been diminished to someone with an "associate degree" or a couple of them when my studies are at post-graduate and professional level. I believe in Love and I am judged on everything I do or say by people with no qualifications whats so ever.

    It is over now.. for them because I will be gone.

  • I am sure you'll be missed by those who have been given another way to look at a subject. I like a sounding board because they bring up things I didn't think of so I am sure you were there for many in your time here. I know you made me think on more than one occasion.

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