Leoscorpion, could you help me on my chart please :)

  • Hi leoscorpion,

    Hope you don't mind me asking for my birth chart to be done, the thing is I thought I was Pisces Rising?, but according to the chart I just did on tarot it tells me I'm Scorpio Rising?, so now I'm a very confused bunny...lol...I would be so grateful if you could look to doing a chart for me as I'm sure it would be helpful in getting to know what makes me tick and learn from it, we can't have to many life's tools eh! :),

    but, I know you must get lots of requests so I will understand if you don't have time do it :)....

    DOB: 2nd December 1951 Nottingham UK 6.26 am

    love and blessings to you


  • Hi, leoscorpion, I just noticed your on the forum and hope you don't mind me bumping up my request, but like I said no worries if your to busy at to do my chart 🙂


  • It's me again, just to say I just read one of your posts that your having a break till next Monday, I hope you get to have a lovely well deserved break leoscorpion,

    love and healing energies to you 🙂


  • healingways

    sorry I didn't even notice this post until today Friday

    I wasn't supposed to do anything this week at work but a new equipment is installed and somehow the pc went 'poof' LOL so I have to spend this week fixing and redo the work

    I never really go through sections astrology, relationship either

    with so many new threads every day your thread was buried

    but I will surely do it after I am done with quenkath, lilspark and angelflit

    hang in there

  • Thank you SO much, I really do appreciate it :).....and certainly no need to apologise my friend, I miss lots of posts too, and sometimes I even forget the ones I started when they get buried ....lol...I blame my age ;)....

    but in your case I know it's because how busy you get with requests 🙂

    love and appreciation to you


  • healingways

    just to let you know I haven't forgotten about you : )

    finishing charts on another thread and I will do yours soon

    and yes, your rising is Scorp

    hang in there

  • Hi leoscorpion,

    Bless you, I really don't mind waiting, I'm very patient, I wouldn't like it if I caused anyone to feel rushed because I'm so grateful to that you are willing to do this for me, so please take your time :).....

    and WOW. so I am scorp rising, it will be interesting to see what comes up 🙂

    love and gratitude to you ♥


  • Healingways

    Your sun is in Sagitarius but Libra is dominant in your chart. I will start with Jupiter because this planet is dominant. Sitting in Aries in your house of home life and root, Jupiter’s blessing comes when you actively charge in and take the initiative. This is great especially because you are a Cardinal dominant, you just can’t sit, wait and see. Blessings do run out, so make sure that any action you take is worth it and that all options are considered thoroughly. It’s worth it to cultivate patience and perseverance, some things need longer time and more maintenance for them to yield good results. Relationship is one of them. Your sun sits in the house of Self gives you youthful energy, just the right energy that keeps you moving, aspecting Jupiter he is giving you boundless optimism, confidence and vitality. You always bounce back no matter how hard life pulls you down. You strive for peace and harmony, especially at home with your loved ones. Watch for tendency to please everybody for the sake of keeping peace. Stick with the truth and fairness. You have a genuine interest in helping those who need help and you have an evolved sense of humanity, it’s fitting that your purpose in this life time is to be more compassionate and more spiritual. It can be hard to focus on the spiritual while you also enjoy material comfort and beautiful artistic things, but it will help you focus on what is more important and also good for the budget : ) Mars and Saturn are aspected by Jupiter makes you a smart energizer bunny, you know when to stop, although sometimes you stop when you’re ‘hot’ that people don’t understand why. You have tendency of short temper, learn to cultivate patience, because some people don’t like changes or new ideas and not everything is as simple as black and white.

    Your destiny lies on the house of Transformation and Possession/Value axis. You are destined to experience transformative events through intriguing self exploration and self improvements or simply day to day work earning money. These events teach you the very value of spirituality, beyond the material and physical worlds. Maybe it is an event where you lost someone or something dear to you. These events are teaching you to find the truth, the essence of things, not falling for surface value and anything that doesn’t last. Uranus sits close to the axis likes to experiment with new things considered taboo or ‘wicked’. You are attracted to the unusual, people or things. If you have to stay with routines and permanent, you will be depressed or suffering from bouts of hysteria. You need a lot of space to move and excitement in relationship and life in general, especially if you commit to it. Higher learning in spirituality is a good way to use Uranus energy in the house of Transformation. Try yoga if you haven’t done so, Uranus rules life force and kundalini yoga is one exercise that activates this force within human’s body. Creativity is another way to go. Pluto in Leo can also harm your budget because Leo always opt for the best, you may go to the extreme with spending. Being creative can help with your spending, it can save money to make something yourself. After all you do have the talent for it : )

    Pluto aspecting your house of relationship shows tendency of power struggle in this area. You hold on tightly to a principle or two, hopefully this is a good principle to have in life, and use it as a base of how you deal with others. In Leo it brings up the fire in you and you are not afraid to step up and speak up for the cause you believe in and to defend your principle. If you can tone it down a bit, not necessarily compromising your belief and principle, power struggle will lessen because people do not feel ‘threatened’ as much. You will still speak up and step up to the plate, but not provoking aggression. Relationship can go from one extreme to another, one peaceful moment followed by volcano eruption, but you won’t forget each other even when it’s over because of the deep feelings involved. It’s hard to ignore your presence with Pluto aspecting your rising. People are either drawn towards you or totally can’t stand you without you doing anything wrong. That’s fine. Pluto can feel as sharp as knife sometimes. So your life won’t be dull : )

    You are smart, good with details and intuitive, but I see a bit of communication problem. Something about getting bogged down to details that you miss the big picture or even the other way around, and people tend to misunderstand or ignore you. This is related to confidence, knowledge and organizing ability. It seems you need to improve your knowledge, skills and talents, and organizational ability that will lead to higher confidence. You enjoy being involved in groups and organization for the cause you believe in. If you can improve these, communication will be smoother and your contribution will be recognized. You are also moody sometimes (moon aspecting your rising) and sometimes you don’t express your feelings correctly. On the other hand you become more nurturing to others, so involvement in organizations and groups can be a good channel to keep you ‘busy’ and keep your moodiness in check.

    I would recommend a Sun in Scorpio or Scorpio dominant. You are the most balanced chart I’ve ever seen in terms of feminine and male energy. I am suggesting this one sign because he can teach you how to ground your energy and look for the essence of things rather than surface value, after all it is the natural ruler of the house of Transformation where your destiny lies. Just a suggestion, if you happen to fall for another person, it’s not a big deal because all relationships need working on anyway.

  • Hi LeoScorpio,

    My name is skydolphin

    I am a professional astrologer

    I did you chart and you definitely have Scorpio 22 degrees 4' on your ascendent!

    need further help/ contact: neptunebliss At hotmail.com

    good luck

  • skydolphin LOL

    healing ways you mean ? I didn't ask for a chart

    I am sure she will contact you

  • Hi leoscorpion,

    WOW, I can't thank you enough for such a brilliant detailed and very apt chart, I see myself SO much in the chart, especially

    "You are also moody sometimes (moon aspecting your rising) and sometimes you don’t express your feelings correctly. On the other hand you become more nurturing to others, so involvement in organizations and groups can be a good channel to keep you ‘busy’ and keep your moodiness in check."....

    Well, all of it :)....but, I have suffered with mood swings so much during this lifetime, and I'm certainly going to look into Kundalini Yoga.... I have had an ebook for so long on yoga, and now is the time I must do it, It just "feels right"......

    Once again THANK YOU for doing this for me, I'm going to copy it and keep it to read many times as I know it will be of benefit to me and help me develop more as a person 🙂


  • Hi Skydolphinflyshigh," How very kind of you for your offer" :)....

    but I am very happy with the detailed chart leoscorpion did for me and I would hate to waste your time for you to do my chart when it's already been done.....hope I wrote this in the meaning I wan't it to be as I do struggle sometimes with explaining myself, just like it says in my chart ;)....

    but honestly I am very grateful for your offer and feel blessed that you have done so 🙂


  • healingways

    I am glad it helps. and yes in your case yoga would help, most particularly kundalini yoga

    there is a free video for kundalini beginner online

    I can't post it here, because most links I posted are deleted

    I think the video uploader is called YogaToday, hope you find it 🙂

    but have fun browsing and reading anyway,

    if you need any spiritual reading suggestion I would suggest start with Sandra Ingerman Heal the toxic thoughts

    any astrology book I wrote it on pg 7 or 8 of this thread


    but professional astrologer would know better than I do

    have fun accumulating wisdom !

  • OH THANK YOU leoscorpion for ALL the help you are giving me....I truly feel so blessed this morning :)....I can't wait to look into all this.....and get my teeth into it 🙂

    bless you!!


  • healingways

    take care and have a good weekend !

  • Thank you, I will, and hope you have good weekend too leoscorpion 🙂


  • hi healingways

    I posted this somewhere else but I realized I supposed to post it here because it explains the attunement I am suggesting to you. I will also post it on the original thread in case they want to know more about the attunement

    The Moon stores life lessons from any of Gaia's children (human's) lifes

    that we haven't learned yet

    each time a lesson is learned, it is released to the cosmos

    that's why attunement to the Moon (full and new, every month) is important

    because she rules the emotional field and water surfaces on earth

    any lesson we haven't learned, will affect us emotionally be it in our individual or social life

    since my attunement to the moon, I have been seeing my past lives

    I wrote them down and email it to close friends, and keep them as lessons learned in my diary

    Before I knew about attunement to the moon, I had my past lives read by someone else

    But now I can do this myself, as part of continuous healing – it’s more convenient and cheaper : )

    The moon is especially important to me, because my moon is in the cusp of Cancer, the sign she rules

    Whatever vibration she sends out, I suffer it double

    But by attuning to her, I am adjusting my frequency to her vibration and so I get to read the information within this vibration

    If lessons are not learned in the past, they will repeat in our present and next life

    That’s why to clear these lessons, is to learn and understand them

    Like lessons in school, if we don’t understand it, we will not pass the exam, we have to re-take the lessons

    Gaia is a school, humans and non humans come here to learn about life on Earth

    Attunement to Gaia is therefore also important

    Whatever happened or happens in your life, Gaia knows it, because it happens on her surface

    She can’t help understand them, but she can comfort you during difficult times

    humans have 4 bodies:

    physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

    to achieve health, is to achieve balance in the 4 bodies

    by achieving balance, we are achieving our true potential, to be the Keepers of the Earth

    our DNA was re arranged hundreds of millenias ago

    for the purpose of reducing our ability to receive cosmic communication that is vital for our lives on Earth and in the cosmos

    and so achieving complete health has been impossible among many other things

    instead of Keepers of the Earth, we have become slaves

    slaves of money, slaves of manipulation, slaves of dogmas etc

    you think some powerful being will save you and heal you

    Nope, WE have the ability to heal ourselves

    Message from the Prime Creator is : “Go out and create, and bring back all creation to me”

    One of the gods created by the Prime Creator, altered our DNA

    This is allowed by the Prime Creator, because the essence of creativity is Love, destruction of creation is not Love

    Do NOT worship any being that claim they create something and destroy it

    The Prime Creator does NOT destroy, it is against the very principle of creation

    There is no such a thing as SIN, there is only mistake to make amends and to learn from

    We have the ability to alter our own DNA and we should do so

    when the age of Light is here, we will merge with our cosmic family

    and then all the cosmic information that we didn’t receive will come bombarding us

    with so much energy bouncing back and forth, our physical can suffer great damage

    therefore we need to alter our own DNA to its original structure

    there are many ways to do this, I know a few I already shared in the forum

    if you can’t find the posts, they must have been deleted : )

    The Sun already merged with the cosmic family in 1998

    Attunement to the Sun will help you gain bits of information he is already receiving

    You will get a glimpse of what will happen when we merge with cosmic family

    Plus the Sun will increase your vitality, supporting your physical

    I think I wrote enough, more of this will be confusing to some

    I hope you all find the coming new age blissful and exciting

    have a good week

  • OH WOW!!!!....this is amazing!! THANK YOU so much leoscorpion for posting this to me, I'm sorry for late reply, my head is all over the place these past few days :).... but the great thing is it backs up a lot of what I was watching only just this morning, a fantastic video with a man called Marcel Messing, he was being interviewed by someone called Bill Ryan, he speaks about altering our DNA too!! and also a lot about how we really are being manipulated!! ....it was a 2 our video but I was very interested in Marcels findings on his life path and what is to come....

    Once again, Thank You I SO much, I really appreciate this!! I will read and reread, I love it!! and like you say, "I hope you all find the coming new age blissful and exciting"....I know I do 🙂

    Hope you have good week to 🙂


  • you are welcome healingways

    I'm surprised my head is still where it supposed to be also

    I wrote more for RC dreamer on the other thread

    to avoid more confusion I will not be writing more of it LOL

    someday it will all be clear to us all

    have a good week and thank you for being open to new information

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