Need interpretation on vivid dream

  • This is a 6 year old dream. I was with a young guy with curly black hair. Strangely, I was a bit drunk and just following where he's going. I don't know why. We went to a gym full of young people. We sat on a bleacher with a good view of the stage below. The guy then told me that I was too old for him. And I told him that i was not interested in young men and I don't know why I was following. I left the building and looked around to figure out where I am and what had just happened to me--like so drunk I don't know why I was even with this young crowd. We must be on an island. Water was all around us. Then a group of prom girls in all white long dresses being escorted by natives--bare chested men with little saris around their hips and wreaths on their heads. They all waded in the water and plan on crossing to the next island. The islands in the distance are like green mounds. As I Iooked at the prom girls by then soaked in water to chest level I said , " where am I". A voice then whispered to me " you're in Aynara." End of dream.

    In the morning I remembered the name " Aynara" and checked where or what it might be. I was not expecting to find anything but to my surprise I found out that Aynara is an ancient name of an Inca civilization. The question is why did I even dream of this place. I've never been to Peru, never read about it and do not know Aynara. Why did I dream about it. What am I suppose to do with it.

  • Thats a really interesting dream Tellstar, what i think you should do with the info is keep researching it you have some connection there.

    You may or may not agree but i'm not entirely a believer that we only have a certain lifetime connection through past-lives to a place or time i believe we live on many levels which is why we remember certain life times, almost like a snake sheading its skin we leave part of our soul behind to carry on the lifetime we knew, if that makes any sense?

    I used to have dreams as a child about the Civil War in the USA (I'm from the UK) something about Gettysburg draws me terribly and yet leaves me feeling sick and cold.

    3 yrs ago i met my boyfriend he's from NC when i visited i was mindblown something felt so right about being there i actually felt(and still do) like i was going home i mean in a very very powerful way i've been over several times and hope to move there with him soon.

    Anyway take some time to re-connect the dark haired guy may have been a guide call on him again for help as its obvious you were meant to remember something from this place.

    Blessings to you and do get back to me if you find out anymore. : )

  • Hi Shadowplay,

    thanks for the advice. I feel there's something in the dream and have not forgotten it. One day I wish to visit Peru and the mountain devoted to Aynara. I will keep you posted. Thanks very much.

  • You are most welcome Tellstar, i would also love to visit Peru along with many other places of spiritual greatness. Yes, do keep me posted.


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