Can someone please help me find my car keys :)

  • Last night i was at my sisters place and while i was there my car keys disappeared. We spent an hour looking, turining the house upside down but still could not find them. There was a lot of kids playing and i think one of them might have put it some where. We asked all the kids if they have seem them, but no luck there. There was 2 keys and a black remote control.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Did you find them Moonshadow? I would suggest the kitchen.


  • Hi Shadowplay, thanks for the suggestion, and no haven't found them yet.

    Will keep looking.

  • Might sound reallllly weird here but i keep seeing the fridge...i feel strongly about the kitchen area still good luck anyway! : )

  • Thank you soo much for your help. My sister just found them, they were in the spare room where my brother-in-law was looking at refrigerators online at the time when they went missing.

    Thanks again 🙂

  • Glad to be of service! lol i thought you might get back to me saying you'd put them in the freezer thats something i'd do lol.

    : )

  • hahaha, tell me about it, the funny thing is that i'm always losing these keys, not to mention my phone, i always forget my stuff whenever i visit someone. I'm going to have to put a lot of big keyrings on them to help me find them when ever i lose them 🙂

  • Well i guess you can always get back to me if you lose them again.

    If you lose them that often i'll need to start predicting where youre GOING to lose them instead of where you DID lose them lol!

    I 've never lost my keys (or phone) but that is mostly to do with the fact that i have so many keyrings holding them together, seriously i sound like a prisonguard when i get my keys out at work for my locker! 🙂

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