Watergirl18 need help soon! !!!!

  • Hi watergirl18 this Angelprayer, some how musthave gotten lost in the list . I'm a pisces 3/20/60 married to an aquarius 1/26/54 he has gone astray a few times and always needs to be the center of attraction nothing like his sign at all. Where am I going with this relationship? Have been told so many times things are goingbto turn for better for me, still waiting,need some direction about work, finances my life has just been a mess. Would really appreciate a reading , have read all of yours seems as though you have hit them right on. Thankyou await your reply. Angelprayer

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  • Thanks watergirl18, deeply appreciate it.

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  • Hi Watergirl18 !!

    Sorry this is the first that I could get back to you. Thank you for replying. Things have been truly hectic in my life and I understand where you are coming from but this leaves me in a financial dilema. Out of work and kind of between a hard rock and a cliff. We did have a major blow out where he threatened to leave , told him go ! That lasted four hours. If I knew what to do about finding a job etc. I would probably leave in a heart beat. If you pick anything up in the cards let me know?

    Thank you Again


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