Hi watergirl

  • I want a reading regarding myself and a greek/egyptian guy i met 3 weeks back, was two fabulous dates on the weekend with lot of talk regarding committment and marriage FROM HIM, proposed to me talked about marriage, kids, jobs, he lives 6 hrs away and i called him a couple of times after he left but he hasnt come back to visit or called back.

    What is going on? Will he come? will we be committed? Can I expect something or it was a weekend getaway for him? Should i keep calling and ask him to come or be dormant?


  • i did a tarot card picking n got four of wands in love n me, the world in the situation and justice in the challenges.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • thanks watergirl, yes you are right. Im just honestly looking for a husband but im getting bad experiences.

    So i get it, he was trying to talk about marriage n stuff to get laid, i never let that happen, i was just trying to get to know him n he was rushing things, maybe thats why i never heard from him. he lied to me he was greek and christian, because he knew i would never date a muslim, later after 3 weeks of his not calling, i googled his phone number and he was egyptian and muslim, i searched facebook on his name and told him he'd lied and he deleted his fb profile the very next day. this happened yesterday. i feel so bitter.

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