Should i tell my feelings to my cancer man?

  • I like a cancer guy.I know they are so confusing but he seems he likes me too.He doesn't talk to me about his feelİngs only he stares.I am a bit tired cuz i need to talk.I want to ask him "do you like me or what do you want from me?".Is it too direct?I gave him a lot space but now i just want to talk directly.I need to know that does he really love me.Sholud i speak to him?Does cancer man love honesty?I don't want to scare him off , what should i do?help me please.

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  • Cancers are too sensitive.You have to be careful what to say.Talk to him kindly,touch him,look at his eyes deeply.Don't ask anything directly,i hope this helps.

  • @ Firewithsign- I am kind of in the same situation you are, and I have no idea what I am going to do about it. Have you decided yet?

    @ dontbesilly- cancer men are the MOST sensitive I have EVER dealt with. I feel like I am constantly walking on eggshells always watching what I say.... quite exhausting.

  • No i haven't decided yet .I also am so confusing.If a cancer read my question maybe she/he can help us.I am aries and you are leo , cancer man is so hard for us.

  • I suggest you not to talk.I am a cancer woman.I generally prefer to feel love;not to hear.Because love speaks itself.It does not need to express.If u make him feel,it will be enough.

    be gentile with him,do not try to push.

    But the important thing is do what ever you want.Do not feel yourself,have to do sth.

  • I'm a Leo, I've been dealing with a cancer guy for a year and a half, don't be too direct, because if you are you might scare him away. and then they will go into a shell and take a long time to come out. Like chocolatebox says, they are all about "feeling". let him feel that you like him.

  • If you are a naturally direct person than be that, don't compromise your self for someone else what good would that do when true colours come out sooner than later? Be yourself if accepts you as you are then great.

  • thank u

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