Need your opinion please another cancer men problems

  • I have been reading this forum and have read some topics about cancer men. I know they are complicated to understand. But I would like to share my story and see if some of you can give me some opinion about what my next step is. So I met this cancer guy back in april at a company party event. He approached me almost at the very end of the party telling me that he thinks I am very attractive and that he has been eyeing me for a while.And I simply just thanks him for his compliment and didnt really think to much into it. However after the party we both ended up at this after party and we were hanging out for the whole time and had a great time. He asked for my phone number that night. After he will consistantly text me and we will talk on msn all the time. everything was going great. We see eachother sometimes but not often due to our job. But after few months i felt that he is not taking the initiative of connecting with me and there are less communication but he wont ignore my text tho we still talk almost everyday but just not the heavy texting like before. im just giving the breif story now my questions is should I make a move and ask him where we are going with all this?I really like this guy I never felt this way with a guy before. I will say that I am really patient with this guy which i was never patient with any other one before.I also misses seeing him we havent see eachother for about a month now we did skype few times. i guess my question is with cancer man is it most likely they wont confirm with you if we are in a relationship? Do I need to rise the question to him. I think it is time for me to confirm this with my cancer men. Im sorry if im not too clear about my story

    if someone can help out and give me some opinions that will be awesome

  • Cancer men seem to be very big on meeting people - they tend to idealise others but as soon as harsh reality sets in, their enthusiasm wanes and they are off and running and looking for the next 'perfect' partner. Of course, no one like this exists so they are forever looking without finding. They are not so good at maintaining relationships. I think it's the first blush of romance they enjoy - but that gets old for them pretty quick.

  • Or maybe they are just quicker than most to realise when something won't work.

  • If he wanted a serious relationship he would have let you know by now I would think? 7 months in limbo is too long in my opinion.. but why don't you ask him how he feels maybe it's what you need so you can move on.

  • One other thing and this is not directed at you but at most who seem to put all Cancer men in one box, human beings are complex regardless of their star sign not all cancer males are the same nor do they operate the same way.

    Just be yourself, follow your instinct, follow that Little voice that says.. " Wait a minute. this isn't right" What is the point of doing what you think a cancer male will appreciate if you don't agree with it deep down?

  • thanks guys for ur reply i do think it is about time to clear things up so i can move forward with my life.

    I just hate when im stuck in this kind of situation i tend not to know what i should do

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