My past life ?! Please please explain !

  • Hello to whom may be reading this,

    My concern here is that throughout my life, i have felt the 'pull' of different characteristics within me. Like as though i have paradox halves to me ! And i have to 'share' my likes and dislikes with this paradox, to such a point that i even must have soltiude all the time, so that i feel in better balance ! One minute i like something and can engage in it , next after a while, a few days, i'm turning the other way to something else, and disgarding the previous. I'm all over the place when it comes to relationships too, one day i'm deeply connected, next i wonder why i can no longer relate to it any more and instead i'm seeking other adventures elsewhere to occupy myself. and then out of nowhere i'm back to where i was before in how i feel.

    Even the way i dress, i have come to seperate my wardrobe in two halves.

    My hair too, it is both light and dark. I'm actually about to dye my hair again, to blend both together to make it more subtle but at the same time to still have both. haha

    Maybe it means nothing. But i don't feel it means nothing.

    I understand it because its what i've come to accept but at the same time, i don't understand it..

    I've been reading online on different sites that it is to do with my twelth house. or whatever. I'm not too sure. Please someone help me ?

    I really want to know/learn more of my past life.. can it be possible that i had a different natal chart to the one i have now ? Also, I've always felt like there is something/someone missing. Can't explain it,

    Here are some more detailed stuff from my natal chart anyway.

    Sun Aquarius 6.44 Ascendant Cancer 29.40

    Moon Taurus 25.21 II Leo 24.29

    Mercury Aquarius 25.12 III Virgo 22.51

    Venus Pisces 14.20 IV Libra 24.53

    Mars Sagittarius 12.35 V Scorpio 28.07

    Jupiter Aries 22.48 VI Sagittarius 29.53

    Saturn Sagittarius 28.22 VII Capricorn 29.40

    Uranus Sagittarius 29.09 VIII Aquarius 24.29

    Neptune Capricorn 8.46 IX Pisces 22.51

    Pluto Scorpio 12.29 Midheaven Aries 24.53

    Lilith Leo 17.58 XI Taurus 28.07

    Asc node Pisces 24.16 XII Gemini 29.53

    Sun Square Pluto 5.45 -5

    Sun Opposition Ascendant 7.05 -30

    Moon Square Mercury 0.09 -215

    Mercury Sextile Jupiter 2.25 103

    Mercury Sextile Saturn 3.10 50

    Mercury Sextile Uranus 3.57 3

    Mercury Sextile Midheaven 0.20 147

    Venus Square Mars 1.46 -119

    Venus Trine Pluto 1.51 120

    Jupiter Trine Saturn 5.35 27

    Jupiter Trine Uranus 6.21 16

    Jupiter Conjunction Midheaven 2.05 158

    Saturn Conjunction Uranus 0.47 258

    Saturn Trine Midheaven 3.30 23

    Uranus Conjunction Neptune 9.37 8

    Uranus Trine Midheaven 4.16 14

    Neptune Sextile Pluto 3.43 6

    933 -369 564

    Chiron Gemini 24.31 R

    Ceres Aquarius 10.19

    Pallas Capricorn 18.51

    Juno Pisces 28.22

    Vesta Leo 3.50 R

    Fortune Scorpio 18.17

    South node Virgo 24.16

    This is what my chart looks like. (Hopefully my attempt to attach a diagram picture of my natal chart will work.. )

    Please bring me some peace of mind 🙂 I'm so very curious

    Your help would be muchly appreciated !! Oh you have no idea.. ❤

    Love x o x o

  • This post is deleted!

  • I do believe that the chart info i'm looking for is to do with a Draconic Chart ?

    The belief is the Draconic Chart is what expresses our souls, our eternal living. Has anyone heard of it before or know more about it ?

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