What's going on?

  • This is making me crazy! I started seeing a physical therapist about a year ago. Did not like her, saw her a few times then quit. After a few months, went back since my problem was flaring up again. She specializes in certain types of therapy and has done wonders for my problem. Ok, now for the real issue! Since starting back, every time I see her there is a very strong energy between us, its like we have known each other forever. We feel very comfortable together. This kinda of thing went on for a few visits and then it stopped, just like that cold turkey. She went to being very professional for the most part, for the remaining visits I had with her. And the other very weird thing with her! It seems we have parallel lives! There are so many similarities it is no longer a coincidence! I finally stopped seeing her, last week was my final visit. It was my call to stop seeing her, so I did, I had too. She was surprised when I told her I felt like I should be done with my therapy. On my last visit though, I found myself telling her so many things and changes I wanted to make in myself and my life. Kind of like laying the ground work for she and I to start seeing each other. I didn't realize how this sounded to her until days later. As I left she told me to keep her posted and I said that I would, maybe send an email or something. I have left out a lot of detail here, but I hope you get the idea. Now, here I am going crazy with this woman in my head. There are times I feel that we are fantasizing about each other at the same time. The energy I feel is overwhelming. I have been around the block so to speak and this has been an extraordinary experience for me. any insight out there would really be appreciated. She is a gemini and her birthdate is one day earlier than my former lover.

  • I think the first thing you should consider is it healthy. Is your relationship with this woman building you up or creating anxiety. Maybe you are bringing something out of eachother that

    is not for the best. I belive in good and evil and i have found myself with these thought about

    others. It started as maybe an attraction or energy and then went to my head. I found myself

    destracted from things that were very important and as it played out I saw it was a destructive

    pattern of behavior for me. I am a gemini, my birthday falls in the third week. I think stay out of

    fantacy and stay in reality. You need to focus on the relationships in your life that are solid and

    this thing with phycic may be nature playing on your insecurity, if you were secure you wouldnt

    be looking to that form of therapy.

  • Healing is very intimate. Are you confusing this connection with something else? She is being professional and if she were truly interested she would have picked up on your sentiments of change.

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