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    Would please do a reading for me? my dob march 4, 1964 in Lumberton, Mississippi around 2:15 a.m.. Having problem with brother and his childrens mother.and finances which he had alot to do with us being in the bind that we are in. his dob- Oct 22, 1960. I the one that family seems to come to when they need something i mean anything, dont get me wrong i love my family dearly and i do what they want if there is anyway that i can, but for the past few years (i see now) they have just used me cos they knew i would help if they ask. They have both abused drugs all their lives, the main reason i helped get them out of jail are paid things for them was because my mom and dad ask me to and that they have 2 sweet kids girl 7, and boy 6, I had the girl for first 4 years of her life and a cousin helped with the boy because mom was incarcerated and my brother well like i said he loves his drugs and we didnt want kids around them are the people he was dealing with. Now that it has gotten so bad i been getting on his a** more about it then in the past because the mom thinks she needs to leave every 2 to 3 months for a few weeks to get a break then the dad leaves for a week doing stupid stuff that is going to have him in jail. Well my husband went off on them and told them how sorry they were for acting like thay were and how they were doing kids (my husband is a quite easy going man and dont let much bother him at all) now my brother is telling the kids they cant go to aunt tammys, that has really broken my heart and i dont have any ideal how to handle this without getting really ugly with him, but then im scared that would make it worse. My husband has helped them because that was my family and i ask him to, to the sum of about 25,000 over the years.(paid back zero) My mom knows what he is doing but he does no wrong in her eyes, she tells me to talk to him and to get on his butt about things but then it is like well you shouldnt have said that. i am to the point i dont know what to do and beginning to dislike them so bad.

    I hope and pray you can help me to see what i need to do to help get things better if possible.

    Thank you and sorry for putting my problem on you just dont know what else to do.

    Sending love and have a blessed weekend.

  • I'm about to take a break but will answer your post as it did jump out to me. Spirit says--sometimes before it gets better it gets very dark! Spirit sends you roses--PINK! for stepping past your ego and taking care of the children. Losing patience and getting angry just speeds up the inevitable. This threat from them--keeping the kids from you is all hot angry air--it cannot be backed up by them--it is an empty threat because the reality is they can't take care of the kids without you. The best than can happen is they back up their threat and do better but I think that's a slim possability as both of them have mental illness issues that will take more than a strong will. This blow up will settle and nothing will change so don't waste your energy worrying. Keep doing what you've always done--for the kids and let this play out as eventually you will have them more then less. The father will be faced with his "rock bottom" I see this within six months--one close call he may heed but then a life intervention that will give him little choice to get help or lose his children. The mother has addiction issues as well but hers is a blindspot for men. She is weak in her neediness and gets lied to and led away. Falling for men to take care of her or solve her problems just keeps her in a bad cycle as she is attracted to men who talk big--pretend to be strong but always end the same. She has abandonment issues and is addicted to "love"--a love sickness because she doesn't recognize real love. It must be so very frustrating to watch all this from afar. No talking to can straighten them out. They are sick. On a spiritual level know that the children are very old souls who came here by choice. They do not just know their parents weakness they know UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from you so they are going to be very compassionate and wiser for it. You have already become apart of who they are. Let the dust settle and resist arguing with the parents. Their egos will have no choice but lay low again below their needs and it is that that keeps them needing your help with the kids. Don't believe the threats. When the time comes to get "legally involved" it will come at you more than from you so don't worry about that either as spirit does not want you having to deal with other family blame. It will be the parents doing and it will fall in your lap. BLESSINGS.


    THANK YOU, and thanks for the roses. I dont know why but before i finished the second line the tears were just rolling down.

    You made me feel better just knowing the children will be fine. My brother has hit rock bottom before about 10-11 years ago, i dont want to see that happen to him and that is why i have tried to tell him it was going to get him in trouble and i was not going to be able to do anything to help him this time. Ever hear the saying you can talk till your blue in the face, well think i have went all the way to purple are beyond trying to talk to him. And yeah the girl is about 20 years younger then him, and she had a rough time growing up, her and a younger sister lived with their mother and that was any where with anybody, so they really never knew where they would be living the next day at times. I have shown her love, are i have really tried to. we have tried to make her feel like part of the family cos we knew how it was for her, and wanted her to love the babies and have a home for them like they all need. I really wanted them to be parents to the kids and raise them, kinda had a feeling we would wine up raising them.

    There is one thing i didnt understand was when the roses where for stepping past my ego and taking care of kids, i wouldnt have had it any other way.

  • That's why you get Rose! It is a compliment. The pink represents love. And the flowers are also the children. For thinking of them first. You have planted a seed that can not be taken away. They will always be a part of you and you are part of them. You earned those roses!


    Thanks, it was very sweet an guess you already knew that my heart and soul both needed them. and thank you for explaining it to me, had thought when i first read it that you thought i felt like it wasnt my place to take care of them. W e lost our first child when she was 5 and a half weeks old from SIDS. I was blessed to have been able to be a stay at home and raise our two children that came 2 and 4years later. (which are grown now). husband has worked offshore in the gulf so he was gone every other week are every two weeks. Children get my heart quicker then anything.

    I know you are probable tired of reading bout someones problems that you dont know so thanks for listening and giving your insight to it. You have giving me an easier feeling inside and i THANK YOU and Thank you, again, and again.

    Bless you so much for helping me, seems i cant say it enough.

    Stay Blessed and sending a world of love your way.

    If you see are feel anything else on this, please let me know.

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