Any Psychics please read this thread please im begging

  • My name is Anthony Martinez im g-a-y and i was born on May 2,1993 i like this boy Ricardo Pinto he was born on August 26,1991 will he become my lover? If not will i have a boyfriend soon? I really want to be loved and i know that im a very good person i just don't know why people can't see it.

  • SoSeductive777...You are so young and you are a good person, yes. You just need to realize people see you are good! It is you who questions yourself. Sexual relationships do not equal love, please understand. You will have love in your life when you love yourself for who you are and become more comfortable with your sexuality. Do not rush into a relationship because you are wanting LOVE! Go slow, really get to know the person and yourself. ~Blessings~

  • Does that mean Ricardo Pinto will become my lover?

  • i hate all this i will have love in my life when i am more comfortable with myself crap i really want love now. I want to be with the man of my dreams is that so wrong other people have lovers and i can't even get at least one person what is wrong with this picture are people so blind to true beauty which is me

  • You know what i decided that no one can predict the future for me because you know what i am taking control in making my own destiny. None of you people know nothing about me

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