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  • My name is Anthony Martinez im g-a-y and i was born on May 2,1993 i like this boy Ricardo Pinto he was born on August 26,1991 will he become my lover? If not will i have a boyfriend soon? I really want to be loved and i know that im a very good person i just don't know why people can't see it.

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  • I'm going on a break but will briefly answer you. Your attractions betray you. Meaning--you have a very deep childhood wound that is not resolved and you tend to look for love in al the wrong places! This is a frustrating lonely place! You are very deserving of love--you ARE loved. What you crave is what gets you in a pain gathering circle of craving and feeling rejected. Sprit shows me the number 20 as important--I'm thinking that will be your age of breaking that cycle--but it may mean other things as well. But definetly I see 20 as big.. I see this current love interest as not going anywhere--sorry! but you will be surprised by someone interested in you. He will be a bit dominating and it will help you come face to face with your issues. There will be lots of passion and he will pull you towards travel--kinda pull you more out into the world in a bolder way. You will find this both exciting but scary at times because you tend to think big but lay low. I see a female friend who will be a very healing presence through this learning curve and she will give you wise advice and be very nurturing. Accept her protection it is good. You are very artistic--good at design and should follow that as I see it will be your money maker. You also have a sharp tongue and good sense of humour--it has a healing effect on others but you must keep your positive energy UP to really stay true to that. Depression can really bog you down and it comes with your nature as a touchy feely kinda spirit--you want to be close--but fear getting hurt so isolate yourself into a deep funk. Turn off that inner voice that imagines the worst! It's that defensive mode that hangs you up most right now. This time in your life is mostly about finding yourself--being true to who you are and not just a mix of childhood baggage. So remember this if things seem to go wrong that it's all good and step back from the hurt and take time to reflect with detachment and find the lesson. I think you will learn fast despite your youth as you are really very intuitive. BLESSINGS.

  • thanks do you know the mans name and when will i meet him?

  • You know what i decided that no one can predict the future for me because you know what i am taking control in making my own destiny. None of you people know nothing about me and i still believe me and Ricardo pinto will be together and no one is going to tell me otherwise.

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