Just wondering

  • Watergirl-

    Just wondering if you can give me some input on the realtionship front-

    DOB 17 March 1957, i feel that i am approaching a fork in the road and any input would be valuable

    especially regarding a jan 23 1964 dob.

    Many thanks, and may many blessings from the universe be yours-

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  • Watergirl-

    Thank you. I appreciate this very much. This "relationship" has been nagging at me, and i almost called the individual but stopped myself.

    If i may, there is another apsect that has been troubling me, again a fork in the road so to speak,

    dob 2 16 42.

    Again I wish you blessings of the universemay its warnth continue to shine on you.

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  • truthfully, that it is over and has been for some time, however, i am wondering if he realizes it? Do I have to be the one to initate the process?

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