Aquarius Female, Taurus Male. Is this a good marriage?

  • I've been married for 8 years to a Taurus Male, the last year of which we have been separated. Just a month ago we have been in counseling trying to work things out.

    He is very passionate, I mean VERY. He is incredibly sexually vigorous, which is attractive to my Aquarius sun. He has a temper and is aggressive and stubborn, which is opposite my Libra moon. He also is generous, happy and a very good protector, which is attractive to my Cancer rising. He has an Aries moon and Leo rising. I have to guess on the Leo rising cuz he thinks he was born after lunch around 12:30pm.

    Can someone help me and tell me what's up here?

  • Just wondering if anyone has any info on this?

  • Still wondering if anyone has any insight for me?

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