• suramya

    i just wanted to tell you how freakin amazing you are!!!!!

    you were so right about him having another long term relationship

    i just found out about her yesterday and contacted her

    as of now neither one of us is talking to him

    but i suspect she still loves him and i know he loves her so they will eventually get back together


    thank you sooooooo much for just telling me like it is

    i needed that soooooo very much

    you are brilliant lady and i hope you continue reading for others

    you have it!!!!

    i hope things for you are going better

    i still pray for you and wish you the best as you absolutely deserve it!!!!

    still trying to figure out my career path but i am sure something will come up

    and just in case you wanted to go over your readings to me

    so you remember what i am talking about they are under the topic:

    Anyone want to practice their tarot skills?

    and the pgs are 5-6 and 52-53 for the last reading

    again amazing simply amazing

    i am completely blown away and in awe

    love ya chica

    and continued peace and blessings to you xoxo 😉

  • Whoa! 1Chellee Thanks a lot for the feed back.It is very sweet of you to tell me all this.I am sorry you had to go through this .maybe the Universe has better plans for you.

    I will be awy for a week ,but when Im back ,if you would like me to try another reading I will.

  • Peace and blessings to you to dear chica.Take care,stay happy

    Love and Light

  • sounds like a plan

    i will check back in later

    have a wonderful vaca

    get plenty of rest and have all the fun you can stand!!! 😉

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • wow 3rdwave

    do i know you?

    i know he has a few

    i just didn't realize he was "in love" says he, with the one in london

    if you see this please feel free to contact me i would love to hear from you

    sry had a way to contact on here but it was removed

    i will check back here to see if you are around

    hope you are well

  • suramya,

    glad to see you are okay

    after our correspondence another woman reached out to me on this thread regarding the person mentioned initially

    but as you can see her response has been removed

    you can see my response to her above

    it wasn't a complete surprise as i knew there were women around him

    i was just surprised someone found me on here


    like i mentioned b4 the other chick is still under his spell

    and believes they will be together one day

    she is funny as she talks about other people living in fairy tales

    while she does the same with him

    i feel sorry for her but i guess we all have our path we must go through

    i am looking forward to the new yr and everything to come

    i do hope you are well and not letting anyone/thing get you down

    i know life isn't alwayz easy

    and it's hard for us to see our own worth but i want you to know you are worthy

    of love peace and happiness and i hope you are able to work out whatever

    keeps you down as you deserve every good thing life has to offer

    be well friend

    happy holidays to you

    and have a healthy prosperous 2011 😉

  • hey lady

    i keep missing you on here

    hopefully you will get a chance to see my message to you above

    take care and be well

  • Hey lovely friend

    Thank you so much for your wishes and messages.Am so sorry I missed seeing these.

    Listen,as to the the lady who dreams on,dont bother about her.You did your bit by warning others.Now its upto them to find their own path.You must be a very positivr person to take my diffident attempt at reading in such a spirit.After coming on this site Ive learnt to change myself rather than attempting to change or blame others.We all go through this messy stuff because our soul chose to learn some lessons in this lifetime.And boy do they hurt!

    Moving on and working on ourselvesso we attract the right energy to ourselves and learn to love the world with compassion,and to learn to live in the moment...these are some of the lessons Im trying to work on.

    It really helps to meet positive and inspiring people on this you.I hope you are doing great.Keep in touch.

    You go girl!!!

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