Some major help now its about school...

  • Im not sure if i should transfer to that transfer school cascades or stay in art & design now. im messing up nig time in my current school art & design but if i go to an alternative school i can get my credits back on track. i need advice please what should i do?

  • Any problems you have at this school will go wiith you to the other school unless you solve them now.

  • its just my credits so i thought going to an alternative school would help but im not sure cuz my school also has a NAME to get me in colleges faster. top racking schools of nyc. but then i wouldnt graduate on time

  • Ignore the idea of graduating "on time" and ignore the transfer of credits for a minute and ask yourself - which school is helping you follow your true ambition and will keep you best on the path to reach your real goal. However long it takes you is less important than where it leads you down the road. Think "big picture" on this. From what you have described it sounds like you are in the right school right now, and that switching to the alternative school might put you ahead in credits, but set you back from better opportunities in the long run. There is no point in rushing through and find that it got you nowhere other than through school in a rush. Pick the one that will lead you to the best destination, not just the fastest track through school.

  • not guna major in art XD i have more credits to get than in a normal school. im in a art school cuz i do love art but its not what i wana do. i wana go to college to be a fashion designer. im thrown in illustration wich its anything to do with fashion. so yeah :[ point blank i dont wana waste my time -.-"

  • What did you mean by "im messing up big time in my current school"? Are you not applying yourself or is your heart not in it or can't you cope with the classes or what?

  • the school isnt me, i cant cope with class or any1 from school. they make me feel so sad at times. my school is tough in general. acedemically and the girls always wana fight me. ive not done anythiing. all last year i cut. so idk

  • Lol, xxmiinahxx, it seems to me that you answer your own questions here. In defending yourself with your comments to my post you answer the question about your real direction. In answering the Captain you reveal your unhappiness. Isn't the solution apparent here? You believe you are in a school that is not putting you in the direction you want to go and you are miserable and unsuccessful on top of it. If you are cutting classes you're not going in any direction at all anyway.

    I think you need to take a closer look at your current situation and assert yourself in trying to improve it first. Do you have a school counselor that you could consult with about your stress? Ways to get help with your school work so that you don't find it so difficult? (Skipping class is a sure way to just increase your difficulties with classwork). Are there reasons that the other girls want to fight with you - reasons that you can control in order to bring balance to your relationships? Before you make any changes you should probably take a look at these issues first, or, as the Captain said, you will only carry the problems with you to any other school you go to. Changing a situation won't make any difference if you have things within yourself that you need to work out. You need to find a teacher, or counselor, who can help you review the struggles you are finding at this school and help you to come up with some strategies and solutions. If in the end, you find no good solutions, well, at least you know that you have made a serious effort, and a well-researched decision for making a change. I hope that you will try this.

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