Librascorpion cusp falling for pisces aries cusp

  • I'm a Libra/scorpion cusp born on Oct 23 and I'm dating a Pisces/Aries cusp born on March 22.. I'm terrified that the Aries side of him means we are doomed. Anyone know if this match is doomed. I want honest advice and i'm not afraid to hear the bad news. I would rather know then not know. Thanks guys

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  • In answer to your question (and this is based on experience, me being and Aries/Pisces cusp (March 23) and my bff (though we do not, nor ever had a romantic relationship) being a Libra/Scorpio cusp (Oct 17))

    No, there should not be any issues at all. Except maybe your flirtatious nature may upset him a bit. Just reassure him that your not going to leave him for another. Make sure he feels secure in the relationship or he will most likely take off on you and not return.

  • Oh wow, I thought that the Aries part would be more flirtatious than the libra/scorp. I'm happy to hear they need a lot of love. I thought they might be somewhat commitment phobe and get bored easily

  • Well, there is that part to it as well when it comes to an Aries. I won't lie to you about it... However, the Pisces side being a strong influence also helps on the committed, dedicated-romantic part.

    Just make sure your Aries feels like he is your number one (but for heavens sake, never place anyone before your children) or he may feel that "If I'm not important, I will go". Us Aries/Pisces still have to feel like we are before any other (Men/women) choice that may appear before you. We do enjoy attention very much. Loyalty should not become an issue, however I hear the male Aries are less loyal.

    One of my Male Aries friends who was born on the same day as me (we are exactly 12 years apart, sharing the same Chinese sign as well) has been loyal and committed to the same woman for over 20 years. So it is all possible!!

    Your a Libra/Scorpio, it should be easy to keep your Aries/Pisces entertained with conversation and the bedroom. There should be no dullness between you two.

    Just to save my pattutie here, everyone is different so please take these words I've given as a generalization.

    However, If you have the chemistry, you should not have any major issues!

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