Shaubby, reading please

  • Hi I would like a reading on what is comming up for me in the nest 3 months if you see anything i would appreciate it. thank you very much. Richard

  • Dear Richard,

    What is your DOB and in what area are you most concerned?

  • Hi Shaubby DOB11/07/1948 Any thing that comes to you. Sale of property in Northern NY , relationships or residence change. Thanks again. Richard

  • Hello Richard,

    In answer to your questions: You will be moving in the spring of the new year as it will be a new beginning for you in several ways. Do you cough? I hear someone coughing a lot here and it should be tended to by a doctor. The property in NY will sell in the spring to a couple that has a child feels like a son to me. Does this property have some flooring problems as I feel weak hardwood floors in a main hallway that need attention. The walls are in need of repair in areas also like the living room , is there a leak from the roof going on? This is what the vibes from the property is feeling like to me. If you have not already made repairs , the need will affect the asking price of the dwelling. You will get close to what you want for it , but not all that you had hoped for, enough to give you a new start somewhere else and it feels like you are considering moving a distance to somewhere warmer like the Islands or Fl if possible, if not you will be in a smaller dwelling with a 5 on the entrance door and I hear the name of Elm either in the community name or street. Relationship wise I feel a lonely feeling with you and that you may have given up on the idea of finding a companion to spend your best years with. Never fear as I sense a woman that will be found in a social setting like senior center or a club type setting. She has a reddish cast to her hair, honey you won't miss her she is a standout in more than one good way. She loves to chat and has a wonderful social group that you will be introduced to. I hope you have your dancing shoes shined as she can waltz like Ginger Rodgers and make you her Fred Astaire.

    Blessings to you Richard

  • Hi Shaubby, The property I was asking about is land. There is property with a house that needs repair but really belongs to my brother but is in my sister`s and my name. I hope she buys me out. I do have rental houses in Florida and i do have a leak over a florida room that I heard about today. I do not have a cough but my brother has kidney disease and is on dialysis. I do also have a condo near the ocean in Satellite Beach, FL. Could the woman be met in a casino as I work as a dealer at the French Lick Casino in French Lick, Indiana. Yes its a real small town with that name. Could the woman be brown haired with maybe slight red highlights and green eyes with a name called Angel who is a pisces. Thank you for the reading and if you are busy you need not answer back. Take care. Richard

  • Dear Richard,

    Always glad to hear feedback as it helps me to grow. I have been to the French Lick hotel more than once in Indiana. Yes, the woman could be Angel, yet there seems to be another woman that is a bit older than she that comes in around you also, they are both social active women .Sorry, to hear about your brother and hope that he sees much better health in the new year. The land you want to sale seems to be a hard sell for some reason here. You will have to wait awhile longer I feel to sell this land to someone that will want to build a strip mall or business of some kind on it or a home with a business in it. Joe is a name coming in here in regards to this matter, Charles comes in also.

    Good Luck to you Richard it was a pleasure to read for you.

  • Hi Shaubby, I do also own a house with bad foors. It is on 70 Acres of land. I won several pieces of land up there some wih houses on them. I own them with my sister and brother who live up there. My sister keeps thinking they are gold mines but I myself am to far away to really take care of them. And they are really to busy and her husband is not much help. I usually deal blackjack at the casino but sometimes the other card games also. I like doing it and I do meet a lot of people. If you are ever there and want to say hi I am Richard. If you would rather remain anonymous I also understand. Angel sometimes lightly hits on me but then retreats. I also think she gets depressed. She is married but I feel not for long. She has a million dollar smile and a real cute hand wave. good luck. Richard

  • Hi Shaubby, I own a small condo that i rent out in Cocoa, FL. the number on the door is 115 I may re tire in the one at Satellite Beach but that is still up in the air for now. Richard

  • Hi Shaubby my condo at Satellite beach is on a barrier island 20 miles south of Cape Canaveral. The islands have bridges to them and are usually quieter and safer than mainland florida. Richard

  • Hi Shaubby, for got to tell you that you were right about me giving up on finding someone until I ran in angel. She changed all that, now whether its her or someone else that remains to be seen.When I first met her 4years ago I had a feeling I would end up married to her but at the time that seemed really obsurd but who knows. Thanks and sorry about the spoit up feed back. good luck you will need it if you gamble. believe me hahahahahahahahaha Richard

  • Hi Shaubby hope you liked the feedback you do seem pre accurate thanks again and the best to you.Richard

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