• am restarting reading Anne Rice, none left in the library except Blood and Gold, it's good and a two-day read for me, last one I read was the one where Lestat became a singer, and I can't remember the title, so I'm probably going to end up reading it again, I don't go to sleep early but hubby does so it's easier to read in bed than anything that might disturb him like beading, where I need a bright light and might get fidgety,nor watching tv as sometimes he says it gets shouty, and wakes him only thing is I run out of reading matter and even if I get out four books at a time I need to go to the library at least four times a week....AND..I belong to all the libraries in sutton too, otherwise I'd run out regularly, we also are well known in all the local bookshops as good customers and returners of read and in good condition books...except if hubby reads them in the bathLOL!!!

  • I read Christine Feehan & Laurel Hamilton. Also I enjoy the dragon lance series as well as Dan Brown. But Christine Feehan's has every thing I love in books murder mayhem sex & romance

  • True

  • Im gonna add Spook movies to the talk on here.

    The Shining who can forget that one?

    Poltergeist oh WOW

    Ghoststory Fred Astaires last movie unforgettable

    IT _ holy moly

    I know what u did last summer

    Cujo - jesus serious yikes yipes whoa

    Jaws 1 - 3 _ holy goddang!

    ALIENS 2 - DANG i saw it as the first of em all. Dad was freaked by the 1st n i found that a piece of cake after having seen 2nd one first LMAO

    Wow i need a drink now seems ive seen plenty spook movies .............. holy

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