A Piscean trait?

  • I am seeing a trend with Pisces people that I feel needs some discussing. The females seem to have this love/hate relationship with their mothers, more than other signs. Now I haven't asked any Pisces men if it's their mother or father who gets their goat but with Pisces women, it' seems to be the female parent that is the problem. Maybe with the men, it's their same-sex parent as well, or maybe it's a mother thing all round.

    My own mother and youngest sister are both Pisces and they go from laughing together to screaming at and wanting to kill each other in a heartbeat. You would think being the same sign they would get on. And I have seen other Pisces people on this forum posting about their horrible parent, too. Pisces children just seem to suffer from outright parental abuse or at the least misguided treatment and misunderstanding.

    Is this a common thing amongst Pisces people? If you are one or know them well, let me know.

  • hi Captain, yes that seems to be correct in my case...from my childhood i never got along with my mom coz she seemed to always prefer boys and so I alwys thought my bro got the better dosage of her affection, i seem to have left the bitterness though now that i have matured and have better sense but then we still do not see eye to eye on many subjects, she thinks i am a nutcase and i think.....well....what i shd not be as a mom, but all said she has a lot of good qualities and i seriously salute all the moms who have handled piscean children, they maybe quiet but are definitely not easy 🙂

  • Hey Captain,

    Glad to see you put up this forum, i'm a pisces and i just thought it was me and my mom. lol.

    I love my mom dearly and will do anything i can for her and she knows this, but she has always put my brother first no matter what even when she knows he is wrong. He was first child and only boy and she has always said that he was her heart are her number one. have a younger sister and her and mom always seem to get along a lot better then with me. But all three are libra's i figured that had some to do with it and my brother being oldest and only boy and then my sister being the baby i kinda got the middle. fun, fun. No not really but try not to let it bother me as much as it did growing up. I would like to understand though why it is when she needs are wants something it's me that she ask are comes to. are all pisces so gullable that we feel like crap if we say NO. [which i cant seem to say to my mom]. My Dad was a sagg. and we got along fine i could talk to him about anything, he never showed favor to any of us and i felt so loved by him for doing that, if he had a favorite he did not show it. Maybe i shouldnt have wrote all this, but all the family has seen it over the years. When they say i know how your mom is with **** i just say yeah i no but its all good.

    Sorry to have rambled on about my family matter, but do feel a little better.[guess i got it off my chest some]. Not much good at writing so hope you can understand all the mumble jumble.

    Thanks again for letting me vent some of this out.

    Hope you have wonderful blessed day.

  • I can't say it's the sun sign at all. But what I have noticed with Pisces, is that they tend to see what they want to see. Very sensitive they are, and some of them thrive on drama too much. think of Elizabeth Taylor. lol

  • also, I wish to add on Pisceans emotions do run deep, and do make good empaths and pisces is a natural intuitive sign. I really do not think there is a connection to it's mother. just my 2 cents..

  • Hey Captain!

    Interesting question 🙂 I'm a Pisces but I can't say I have a love/hate relationship with my mom. Back, when I was a child, I'd been feeling not loved enough by parents, still not good enough for them, different from my older sisters; I even wanted to move out to my neighbour's when I was 4 or 5 I think, LOL. I grabbed as much of my clothes as I could, and headed to our neighbour's house; our neighbour, a lovely and sweet lady, asked 'why do you want to leave home' and I told her "because nobody loves me there' LOL. I remember this very clearly, it makes me laugh now though 🙂

    Now my parents are my source of unconditional love 🙂 when I'm visiting them, I like to wake up in the morning from overhearing them softly speaking in the kitchen over the breakfast - I feel so happy at these moments.

    I hope this helps - just shared my perspective 🙂

    with love,


  • I can DEFINITELY say I have that thing with my mother! She is also Pisces. Sometimes she is the only person I can go to, but most of the time she is the last person I will seek on the earth for anything. Our mood can change very quickly.

  • I can definitely say that I have had a love/hate relationship with my Vigo mother. Pisces and Virgo are very different beings and while opposites attract, the conflict is there as well. I was a very free-spirited child which rattled my mothers controlling chains. Virgo's tend to operate according to "shoulds" and follow the rules, while Pisces operate by instinct, vibes and feelings. This combo did not work during my earlier years.

    It took about 35 years for me and Mom to agree to disagree and since then it's been great. We are different and we both appreciate that. I am done dating guys just like her in order to master the damage. We accept each other and she now knows that she cannot shove a square into a round hole and I know that her love and loyalty are truly genuine. She is my "go to" person when the chips are down. No one can solve a problem like a Virgo.

    Our hardest relationships are the ones that we learn from and make us grow so long as we stick to working it out. I love my mother and appreciate her every day and am blessed that she has been willing to go down this road with me. We've learned from each other and now I know the amazing woman that she is.

  • WOW - this could be me! My mom's bd is 3/12, my sister is 3/13 mine is 3/14. My dad was a virgo. My brother is a virgo. My Mom never seemed to like me as much as she did my brother (only boy) and sister (baby). I think she thought I was daddy's favorite as well. Plus my sister lives close enough to help her all the time and my brother has no family and can help her. She is somewhat selfcentered. Not aware of the world around her. No matter what I did - didn't smoke, drink or hang around with the bad crowd in HS. Went to ivy league college, got several higher degree. Have a job. Etc. I never got hugs or felt like I was loved much. - That is also due to a dysfunctional family (alcoholic dad ). Also my mom is somewhat nutty and has weird concept about things sometimes. She is SO opinionated that I am afraid to take her anywhere when she does visit.. An additional note: My oldest daughter is a Libra and we do not get along - it was great until her little sister was born with developmental delays, etc but when she no longer got all the attention, she really turned into a mean little girl. Plus daddy will do anything for her. You know how that goes. And I also felt like he did not discipline her. SHe is very disrespectful towards me. I get along very well with the little one who is a Capricorn. (but I have Capricorn ascending and Capricoen Moon - maybe that's it) But yes --- possibly part of the issue is jealousy and maybe when two Pisces females are in the same house there is just more friction between the two of them as they each want attention and want to be in the "spotlight." even if they are introverts.

  • I wonder if we incarnate into certain signs because they have issues attached to them that we need to work through? Like Pisces and the mother thing, Sags and their problems letting go, Cancers and running away, etc.

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