Anyone willing to help me interpret this reading?

  • I did this reading for myself and I wanted to know what is the best career path for me and how will I become successful?

    1st position: Basis or focus of the matter: Knight of Pentacles.

    2nd position: Positive or negative energy for or against you: Knight of wands

    3rd position: Subconscious, message from your higher self, soul purpose: Queen of pentacles

    4th position: The past: 7 of pentacles

    5th position: Conscious influence: 10 of swords

    6th position: Near future: 9 of chalices

    7th position: My point of view: Judgement

    8th position: How others see me or my environment: Queen of Chalices

    9th position: Hopes/fears/lesson: 3 of pentacles

    10th position: Outcome: 9 of pentacles with two clarifying cards; 10 of pentacles and 2 of Chalices

  • You could do anything you set your mind to but you need to perhaps stick to things longer? More action less procrastination? Maybe you get bored easily also and keep changing your mind.

    That is what I am getting.

  • Hmmm definitely no procrastination here! lol I'm always working on something maybe you mean I have too many interests or I do too much? i dont know id rather know WHAT career is right for me though. Thank you!

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