Help me understand my birth chart

  • hi i just started to learn about the birth charts.i want to buy new stones but only by my dominate houses signs and planets. just the thing i dont know which one is.


    born under waxing gibbous moon about 95% full

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00

    Sun Aquarius 20.07

    Moon Leo 12.05

    Mercury Capricorn 26.11

    Venus Capricorn 20.56

    Mars Capricorn 7.38

    Jupiter Cancer 1.13 R

    Saturn Capricorn 20.07

    Uranus Capricorn 7.56

    Neptune Capricorn 13.26

    Pluto Scorpio 17.46

    Lilith Scorpio 10.49

    Asc node Aquarius 16.31

    Placidus Orb:0

    Ascendant Libra 23.41

    II Scorpio 21.21

    III Sagittarius 23.21

    IV Capricorn 28.19

    V Pisces 1.45

    VI Aries 0.22

    VII Aries 23.41

    VIII Taurus 21.21

    IX Gemini 23.21

    Midheaven Cancer 28.19

    XI Virgo 1.45

    XII Libra 0.22

    Planets in the houses

    Sun in IV

    Moon in Midheaven

    Mercury in III

    Venus in III

    Mars in III

    Jupiter in IX

    Saturn in III

    Uranus in III

    Neptune in III

    Pluto in Ascendant

    Lilith in Ascendant

    Asc node in IV

    thiws is what i could copy from my birth chart. any info is helpfull thankyou

  • can anyone help my understand this

  • anyone please help this is the 4th forum i joined seems all my posts are overlooked

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