Another tale of woe with a Cancer Man

  • Hi all

    Im a pisces female, my now ex fiancee is a cancer. We have known each other for 12 years, i went out with him for 6 months when i was 18 and then since I was 22 - we would have been celebrating our 8 year anniversary next weekend!! I have always thought he was my soul mate as we got on so well, we hardly ever argued just little tiffs, and felt so comfortable with him. Unfortunaltey since our son came along 2 years ago he has become quite disinterested in doing any thing as a family. Stupidly i did everything for him - cleaning, cooking etc.

    He left myself and my son in August saying he didnt love me anymore and pretty much straight away started looking for somewhere else to live. I had to move in with my parents for a couple of weeks until he moved out on 1st September.

    Anyway during the time apart we kept in daily contact, saw him several times and i must have asked him 30 times if he was seeing someone else, he even swore on his son life that he didnt. Anyway fast forward 2 weeks and i found out that he started a new relationship within 2 weeks of splitting with me. He said to me that he wanted his cake and eat it!!

    The ironic thing is that she is 8.5 years younger than him and she has a daughter about the same age as my son! She is a scorpio and having read the love matches on here it seems they are a perfect match - what a kick in the teeth.

    He seems to have completley run away from everything, has never been able to deal with stress (personal or in his work life) and is now playing happy families with her......great!!

    Im still in shock as i never thought he would do this to me, he has turned into someone i barely know!!

    Any ideas what i can do to get myself out of this mess!!

  • The only thing you can do is move on. He is running away from his issues, these issues will come up again and again thus he will run away again and so it will keep being until he decides to stop running and face his demons.

    You need strength and support around you and you will get through it.

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