BLMOON, any advice for starting out?

  • HI BLMOON, first off, I read your post to the individual who recently lost his son. How beautiful and eloquent it was. I can only imagine there is very little comfort during a time like that, but the words you offer certainly must be that.

    I have recently started awakening to an ability within and want to develop it further so that I may help others as you are doing. But I'm not sure where to even begin and have difficulty even believing that I really can do this. I recently saw a psychic friend and did a tarot reading for her and she said I did quite well. Then I asked her a question about an experience I had while meditating last year and a word that came to me and what it meant. She immediately began crying and told me this was her "psychic word" that is to be given to her to confirm she is dealing with a real psychic. She said I have an amazing gift and now need to fulfill it. But I have not had another experience like that since and question if it was a fluke or not and how to have this experience again?

    Any insight you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Many blessings and lots of love and light to you!


  • Actualy, you have had many psychic connections but they just were never validated. It is faith. All religion is faith. Being a true psychic healer means saying and doing things on impulse and most times not knowing why. You will say the right thing to a stranger and they will go on their way--feel it's power but may never get to express that. It's the fools card often for mediums. Following beyond our ego to say that odd thing--risk looking foolish. Mostly, you will not get validation--just scan the posts--- so many who doubt their connections--need validation. Validation gives us great strength and keeps faith alive so our guides do allow us some really big ones to put in our treasure box . You can not crave too much that gift--it comes when it comes. It will taint your visions if you get hooked on needing it to please or be right. I have given odd messages that made no sense and the person will say it didn't ring a bell only to have it be validated later to their surprise so you must not get too insecure about that. Sorry, but I can't talk right now but will get back to you later. BLESSINGS!

  • Thanks very much for this response! It makes perfect sense. I look forward to anything else you care to share with me!

    Blessings to you!

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