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  • Hi

    Can anyone please help me on this?

    Let me start with the dream I had when I were 10. I dreamt about my grandma and elder sister (they passed away. I never met them). In that dream, my grandma said that she came to say goodbye since they have to re-born. When I woke up, I didn't tell anybody about that dream because I think it's just simply a dream (my elder sister passed away since she was 2-3months old. And the one in my dream had a body of 10-year-old girl).

    Is it normal that people always dream when they fall asleep? I dream everytime I fall asleep, even if it's just a nap. Some of my dream are very weird. For example the 3 most recent dream I had in last month.

    1. I dreamt that I dive in deep sea (I don't know how to dive + swim in real life). I saw lot of turtle. Among them, there is one turle look very strange which kept my eye on.

    The next morning, ofcourse I forgot all about that dream untill I found out the exact same turtle in morning newspaper. I never saw that turtle before, it's obvious because the newspapper reported about the new discovery about some kind of turtle.

    2. The second dream is the same but not about the turtle. I don't remember what kind of animal in the second dream. But first I forgot about the dream, the next day I remember by reading about it on newspaper.

    3. The third dream is the one I had 2 days ago. I dreamt about ances. That dream is so scary. I dreamt I got a big pimple on my head and I tried to pop it. When I pop it, it turns to be some kind of worm. It's white and long and scary. At first, I thought I were so obsess about ances (which I had so many). But today, I found out that dream is not just a dream. Normally, I won't check out video from networking friends on facebook. I broke the habit. And that video is about the botfly which is parasite to human body. And it's exactly the same as in my dream!

    In the past, I dreamt many thing which happened to be true in real life; and those dream usually came true after weeks or months. I explained to my sister and she said it's just a bunch of image. But now those dreams I had came true more and more in closer future.

    How can I explain this? What does it all mean? Or maybe I am just imagine?

  • Hi ut_it

    It seems to me its not just imagination if you are seeing and making physical connections to what you dream about.

    Maybe you can train yourself to make use of this gift ask for an answer to a specific question before you go to sleep and wait to find the answer to it in the waking world.

    You know this is what happens to you so you dont need to ask anyone to believe you.

    Your grandma came to say goodbye in a way that many spirits do- through dreams and your sister has carried on growing in her spirit body which is why you saw her as a 10 yr old, how old would she be if she was still alive now or at the time of your dream?

    I belive you are gifted and that you should help it to grow and there are plenty of ways to do that.

    Blessings to you. : )

  • Turtles exemplify slowing down being patient fortitude being in the moment. I would take the worm as a hint to eat healthier possibly some kind of cleansing.

    Cheers P

  • hi

    thank you for your time, shadowplay and Pfree

    • shadowplay: by the time I dreamt, my sister would be 18 years old if she was still alive.

    *Pfree: ^^ my skin is very sensitive to cosmetics. my skin is better now thank to doctor.

    Ha Do

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