Blmoon - Need your help if you can

  • Hello my friend. If you have some time I could use your help... I am having difficulty understanding the messages I am getting from Spirit. I have been asking if I am supposed to actually be DOING something with regard to this potential new job for TP or if I have done all I can do and should now just be sitting and waiting for something to happen. This is super important so my anxiety level has risen, which I think is why I am not getting clear messages from my guides. A month or so ago I got that he would be getting this job in November. I told him to trust me and now I'm worried that I gave him false hope and was wrong. Can you help me with this please? I would be really grateful!

    I hope this goes through - I haven't had an internet connection for a few days and it suddenly is back, but I don't know if it will last! 🙂



  • I keep hearing the words "on hold"--don't push anything. Lay low. Take a break from reading unless spirit really pushes you but soon as you connect with that exception then go back to laying low for awhile. MEANING--when I take a break, on occasion spirit does say go online and there might be one post spirit asks to respond to but then I go offline immediatly after. I just posted a response to someone else about this same issue. When you start feeling too nervouse about pleasing--being right then it's time to detach for a bit because that fear energy is not good for getting clear messages. On occasion my cards feel off and then I know it's time to let them sit and it is more of a quiet time with myself. This is usually not an easy thing--not for me anyway I hate the lul--the still times. I'm not sure what the job prediction was about or any details but I feel the he your talking about will be happy in November. I'm tired ready for bed. Enjoy your quiet time! BLESSINGS

  • This post is deleted!

  • hi watergirl 🙂 i see i'm not the only overly-anxious one this week? this cancer moon has got me....

  • im a scorp32.he a gemini.26..been sleeping with each other for 9 yrs..he left me ..will he return..

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