Hi Shuabby i have a question

  • yeah i never had a boyfriend before and i was happy so waiting a little longer wont hurt probably it will but im going to stay strong!!!

  • we all have to go through that at some point, you will find someone you will love eventually, dont worry 😃 we all do when we are ready, and when we feel we are ready for a relationship, then it will come and find us, or we will find it in time.

    I have only ever had 2 relationships in my life one was just messing around stuff like friends do, the other was more serious but long distance didn't work out, shame cause i thought he was my world. and he was realy sweet till got addicted to loads of s.h.it.e and it followed me too. emotionally i could cope

    What i am saying is dont rush it, and it will turn up and you just hope for the best it will run smoothly like and be okay, we all will find someone eventually, trust that and he/she will come to you.

    Whichever way you want really.

    Goodluck and blessings to you bee X

  • Couldn't cope 😃 sorrieh forgot to add the nt at the end.

    Love n light to you

    Bee X

  • wow i cant believe Shuabby has not replied yet i posted this on September 30,2010

  • This post is deleted!

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  • SoSeduuctive777, Shuabby DOESN'T HAVE TO ANSWER YOU, plain and simple. The readers on here answer out of love and caring and are not paid for their services.

    After reading your reply to Blmoon I doubt anyone reader on here will give you the time of day, you are just plain rude!

    Here is a copy and paste of your reply to Blmoon's reading:

    Wednesday, October 6, 2010 16:26 PDT


    You know what i decided that no one can predict the future for me because you know what i am taking control in making my own destiny. None of you people know nothing about me.

    SS777, Keep bumping away.

  • your opinion does not matter to me at all and also about the comment you said i made to Blmoon that i said I said im taking control of my own destiny but that does not mean im not interested what these people have to say to me. Destiny and fate are not set in stone it can be changed so the people they have predicted to become my lovers because now I know i can change it. You can't take what these psychics have to say to heart the future can be changed believe me.

  • SS777,

    I agree that we all have free will and I'm glad my opinion doesn't matter to you.

    Let me ask you something please with all due respect..........you just said the people they predict to become your lovers can be changed by you. Are you looking for lovers or a serious relationship? Don't mistake the two or you will end up with such heartache like I did, plus I have AIDS, I've been poz for 28 1/2 years. I still tried to find love within the Poz community but them are some slim pickins, lol. I decided late last year to just focus on myself and why I felt it was so necessary to be in a relationship, what I realized was that what I saw and felt as love was just sex for my partner and I wanted more than that, I am an emotional person.

    I tried the beginning of the year to be in a relationship with a non poz guy, he is a male nurse from the Phillipines but after 3 months I told him I couldn't handle his fear of even touching me (if you know what I mean). So now I am alone and yes, I DO get lonely at times but I am more confident in myself, I really feel as if I needed this time to get to know ME better.

    I guess what I'm trying to say to you is be patient (I have a feeling you want things NOW) and let nature take its course, be selective in choosing a partner and don't make it just about s e x. And PLEASE don't be offended by what I've told you here, I say it out of concern and love.

    Peace, Love and Light,


  • sorry if i came off rude to you before and i will only do it with a guy who i really really love i want true love but it is like i have this other side to me which i call SoSeductive who just lusts for men and craves s-e-x with hot guys. I want to be in a long term relationship with a gay or bi guy and that is what i truly want. but like i said i have like this alter ego that i sometimes lose myself and i don't want that side to take control of me. I am a virgin still so im controlling it!!!

  • I know how it feels to be lonely to not only do i not have a boyfriend but guys wont even get near me because they know im gay.

  • I know how it feels to be lonely to not only do i not have a boyfriend but guys wont even get near me because they know im g-a-y.

  • Notshy thanks your story calmed me down and i wanna just give myself up to that one special man I dont care how long it takes i have to wait for the right man.

  • Hello Anthony,

    I did read your question and was unable to receive and answer due to confusion that I felt with your saying that your gay, yet never had a boyfriend. I understand your question is about another young man you hope to connect sexually with. I would first and formost Anthony look within yourself and get some soul answers which means your mind, will and emotions. You must know from the depth of your soul who you are completly before entering into a relationship. The road you have chosen need strength to endure, not just experimental behavior on your part. Once you have your mind made up than your life will flow with the thoughts that you send out in matters of love, money, ect. As we all send out messages through our thoughts and desires so that our angels and guides can help us to achive and also protect us if need be.

  • I am g-a-y i have strong feelings of love and lust for men.

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