A second opinion?

  • I just did a reading for myself regarding my relationship with my now ex-fiance. He broke up with me for unknown reasons and I had to know if our relationship still has a fighting chance. We had been together for six and a half years. I think that he's getting cold feet. If anyone is familiar with the ancient Keltic method, please take a look and tell me what you think:

    Card 1: Knight of Swords

    Card 2: The Lovers

    Card 3: Page of Wands

    Card 4: Six of Swords

    Card 5: Page of Swords

    Card 6: Nine of Pentacles

    Card 7: The Tower

    Card 8: The World

    Card 9: Two of Cups

    Card 10: King of Wands

    I appreciate your feedback.

  • From what I gather from the cards could it be possible he has found someone else?

  • He's told me that there isn't anyone else in his life. He just wants to be by himself.

  • The King of wands and the lovers suggest there might be someone else.

  • Was he a bit harsh when breaking up with you? Or maybe its his usual personality to be a bit more blunt and intellectual then sensitive. If that is him then this reading to me says yes there may have been another young woman he has been seeing and he had to make a choice. I see you being on your own for a while and actually doing very well! Maybe you dont need this guy and he was bringing you down or hindering some progress in your life. Now you are ready to break free and explore new horizons. You should be feeling inspired here by something and it is telling you to be fearless and seek new options. If he is the King of Wands here then its possible he will come back to you in time feeling more mature and better about taking things to the next step with you. Still his temper may be present but it seems he will be more willing to commit completely this time around. If he is not the king of wands then it seems in time while you are being independent and enjoying this fruitful time in your life you will meet a new more mature gentleman who is possibly looking for something serious. I hope this helps 🙂

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