Does this relationship have a future?

  • So meet a guy 5 months ago today (30/9), we dated for 3 1/2 months, got along really well like I have never connected with anyone before, he also seemed to feel the same way but has committment issues, as when we got to the point where we would have to start to get to know each other better outside of the "honeymoon period", he has switched off and put up a wall and broken up with me. I have since struggled to understand why and still have had weekly contact with him which is very friendly and easy however I have made it clear I want more than just friendship and he just tells me he can't commit. My question is will this relationship be reignited and be a successful, happy and fulfilling one - or am I hanging on to something which is done and dusted? Our birthdays are 26/04/71 (mine) and 30/07/70 (his). Thanks 🙂

  • He said he doesn't want commitment. so.. there is your answer.

  • I pulled Wheel of Fortune rx which indicated to me that you need to move on. Something I've heard many times before that may be appropriate "Men are like buses, if you miss one, there will always be another on the way." May sound trite but I can verify it is true:-) (used Universal Waite)

  • I have moved on ............ will see what's around the next corner 🙂

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  • Wow mardepp, thank you for your reply! I agree and although I am moving on, he still has a space in my heart, however I'm getting out and enjoying my life with the idea that it has been wonderful having him in my life and I will always be grateful for knowing him, however I don't want to chase something that is moving in a different direction. So I'm going in my direction and if our paths meet once again and we are in places that are more compatible I will deal with the situation then if I'm available. I wish him the very best, but want my own happiness which is a choice and responsibility of mine and no one elses. Men can be confusing 🙂

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  • I totally agree that things will work out as they should. It frustrates me though that some mornings I wake up and low and behold my mind is screaming at me to contact him! I have a very clear imagine for some reason of the two of us laughing and having fun and being really connected. I'll tuck this away somewhere special and continue to focus on my life and who knows it just may become a reality - either with him or someone even more special. Mardepp I hope all works out well for you too, life lessons are very well worth it, they are just a bit frustrating at times 🙂

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