Hi Shuabby, if you could...

  • ...could you tell me when/if my partner is going to propose? He keeps mentioning 'big plans' and I'm wondering if it's gonna be this year that he's gonna do so.

    Would appreciate any advise from you regarding our relationship too. He's really great and treats me well, and I want to know how we can keep a good thing like this going. Sometimes I'm afraid I would be the one to destroy everything.

    Thank you!

  • Dear Sunshine,

    You need to know in your heart that you can make it work, no going back to old habits or ways once the ring is on the finger with this lovebug. He is a good man and that is what has you a bit scared living up to expectations you think he will not approve of some of your friends or ways of personality. Just be sure that you keep this fish on the line and don't let him get away from you, he will love you warts and all honey, after all he has some to. You will make a beautiful spring bride.

  • Dear Shuabby,

    Thank you for your kind reply!

    Please may I bother you for one more thing: It's regarding a job change - do you see me succeeding in securing a new position before December? Thank you thank you.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Dear Sunshine,

    There will be a delay in this job change. I don't feel this happening until around Feb of 2011 when actually there is something better in the offering. More money and even better surroundings. I see a brick bld with lots of windows and feels like five floors. You will work on the third floor and love the office you work out of and the people will be cheerful and positive for the most part, Gladis is coming in here I hope you know who she is ,a warm person to be around and most helpful. Good things coming in the job area for sure.

  • Dear Shuabby

    Thanks for the lovely reading. I'm looking forward to good things in the job area for sure! I check out listings every single day but suitable ones are far and few. Applicantions do not get replied to as well!

    Hmm, I do not know of a Gladis at the moment though - can you describe her?

    Thank you dear Shuabby for your kind help!

  • Gladis will wear glasses sometimes, and I feel she has curly hair a little fizzy , wonderful smile, helpful person, she is older than you are it feels like to me , but just a good person to have around.

    I know that the job force has slowed down and it is hard to find what you are looking for, try the unemployment office and temp services also, as I really get the sense that you will be in another job before the six week period is up.

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