What do you see Paddi?

  • Hi there,

    have been reading through your posts and although I can sense when spirit is around.

    I can not hear their messages and do not always know who they are,this is something I would like to develop at some point.

    Anyhow just wanted to know as I have felt a spirit around me for a while now,if you could pick up on who it is and any message they might have?

    Many Thanks for your most precious time.



    p.s please let me know if you need any details (location, d.o.b etc)

  • Hola PaddiCakes! Just saying hello. 🙂 Hello Mags!

  • Have a good weekend!

  • Hi Paddi.

    Im wondering on this if it means anything or not?

    I was swimming the other day do backstroke momentary, i saw a man above me, took me off balance , then he gone..he looked like a guy i met and care about, i think just rising nearly above me coming from my feet?

  • I just wanted to pop in and say hey girls...still around...so much going on,......love all of you bunches...:D

    Pad, mags, Rc...

  • hi T7 very long time no hear, hope you are doing alright!

    Laura sorry fo the late reply, I will check when I get a moment.

    Poetic hope you had a good weekend!

    Scully I have no idea, maybe your friend was doing some adtral travelling. It would have scared me!

    All well here lovely weather thankfully


  • I am doing ok.....a lot has been going on, But I am doing my best to be true to myself....

  • I did and wow, I had a ton of spiritual visitor's this New Moon tomorrow is gonna be huge, set your intentions I gotta feeling lots of dreams will be coming true! Namaste!

    There is a black hole too:

    This new Moon feels incredibly powerful for several reasons. First, it occurs on the Super Galactic Center, which is said to be the center of all the galaxies. Philip Sedgwick described the Super Galactic Center this way in one of his recent Galactic Times:

    For all intents and purposes, it could be considered to span from 25 degrees of Virgo through 8 degrees of Libra, plus or minus. Why so much space? This supermassive black hole is estimated to have once possessed the mass of three billion times that of our sun! In its grasp it holds three trillion stars, ten thousand globular clusters and more than thirty galaxies, including our own. In reality, all these objects are slowly sipped into the core of this massive black hole.

  • Hey Paddi love.....a quick but intense question.....you know I found my bio dad. Things are going really, really well....they are meeting my kids in 2 weeks. My question is this...do you see someone around us? BC, how this all came about is so surreal. I honestly feel that there was divine intervention going on here. And, I have a small inkling as to who it might be..but was just wondering wif and what you see....

    Thanks love...


  • HOLA!

  • Dear Paddi,olease help me!

    I was with the guy last year and we were madly in love.With Andrej Veresky(21.February 1982.) We met over internet, and fall in love a lot before we even saw each other. Everything was fairy-tail beautiful -he lived on the green, sunny hill, where the Sun raises first, he huged me with that gently hands long enough to wrap me as physicaly so forth my soul and my heart.I helped him overcome his depression. He gave me the sense of being protected. But, as it always is, there were two problems. I was in relationship ( in which I am still, 2 years, almost), and I had hard time beind explicit-even I already lived with Andrej- to tell my ex that he is ex, so he continued fighting for me. He was coming(like a friend), calling, and it was obvios that, apart jelaousy, Andrej felt intellectualy, educationaly, artisticly inferior and even began to forget about our delighted love, but focused himself only to fight,against, partly imaginary enemy that was my ex.On the other hand, I noticed early on that his unusual relationship with his mother.30 old man, had had to always respond when she called,to listen without a word her marathon-long criticism over the phone, to obey whatever she said. If we went to his parents in his native village, I would notice that his mother was opssesed with control, that she was jealous person, through which I passed, but the fact that she was furious and condemned Andrej of using drugs,being again mentaly ill (what he never was), and all that because he was happy and joyful-that I couldn't ignore. And one night, my ex was in our house on the hill and called me to back to him . Andrej began to cry, even though I told him that I will not go away, as if he was not convinced he repeated that he wanted children with me,that he was going to call the parents to tell me how much he loved me, like in some kind of delirium. The scene was going on and on, and in the meantime, I fell asleep. When I woke up, Andrej's mother stood over me , and with very unpleasant tone told me to pick up my things and to disappeare from that house.

    During that time Andrej was begging me to stay, his mother to hurry up, my ex to go,I was trying to say that I do not want to go but that the woman makes me to , while Andrej did not say a word his mother,not even a look. I went because I had to. To this day, Andrej think I left him and keep telling all the other people the story that I had tortured,played and hurted him. We don't communicate.. When it occures we to meet, he doesn't want to talk to me because how he says, his whole body shaking and his heart jumps out of his chests-it's terrible feeling. He just pleases me to move away from him (and first time we met after we broke up was 8 months later). What happened? What happend to love an to this man?

  • Dear Chagrine

    sorry to hear of your problems but I camnot help you, for relationships you are better placed in the love and relationships forum, the tarot forum or by asking TheCaptain directly for help. I do not touch relationships, I communicate with spirits and send healing energy to those in need.


  • T7 I have mot forgotten your request, nor those before, I am just caught up in real life. I will help asap.


  • Am i always going to be the healer/helper and never have someone for me?

  • Paddi - No worries!! Life is important!! 😉

  • scully what are you talking about?

  • 🙂 Just popping in to say hello!

  • What i was on about,

    I had a soul reading done.. im a healer/ helper

    Now i have been through relationships where i learn something, and in end i feel i have to give then something back to learn, but i always end up on my own again.

    It.s the trick i guess of not repeating the same patterns, but i feel im have to teach them something.. l feel like is this always going to be the way.. not have anyone for me?

  • Paddi your girls are gorgeous! You should look into modeling for them. So Cute!

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