What do you see Paddi?


  • This post is deleted!

  • Awww thanks guys, I am doing fine today, my husband told me to book a week holiday in Cyprus since he has a business meeitng there. I am busy looking for a good deal...

  • Have fun! I wanna go somewhere, getting my passport this month, I MUST!

    I wish us all well, wondering whats gonna happen with this Full Moon Saturday, as in Transformations, found this site that is mind blowing in the predictions about the World, half the stuff in there already happened. Check it out

  • Have a Blessed Day! For you and Mag's! RC won't be in much, problem with computer. 🙂

  • Good morning/afternoon/evening dear people, better add a post to this before it drops off the planet. I hope you are all well, I am busy as usual, kids still have their summer holidays, we went to Germany for a couple of days and it was nice to get a break, although how much of a break with 4 kids it is is questionable, still and all it was nice to get away and I was thankful we could do it. I drew an ascended masters card yesterday and it was about being clear with my intentions, taking action not remaining passive and taking control of the situation. So I sat last night and wrote page upon page of what I really want and what I don't want until I came to a final conclusion which I then split up in to long term intentions (Ireland), short term intentions (getting the house renovated) and short short term intentions (getting through the last 2 weeks of holidays without any eruptions, getting the kids kitted out for school, those things). It feels good to have a bit of clarity. I have not been doing much of my spiritual stuf the last while, I get phases where I need to let it go and get back to concrete real factual things. I have been giving myself reiki though and it makes me feel so relaxed. it is great stuff.

    Well hugs to all from me,


  • Good for you Paddi, I always make goals for short term and long term, for me, reaching some of them is good. I think this time is best for quiet, rethinking, etc. It's a gift inspite of itself!

    Sending Love, always! I so miss everybody! I'm thinking now about where will I be on 11/11/11, wish I could be at a Sacred Site somewhere. Tootles..... 🙂

  • Paddi,

    Glad to hear from you. The intention/goal sheet sounds like a good idea. I should write one which at least should make me think of my goals. Right now I have none as there seem to be so many, I don't want to even think about them. lol

    Beth! Try Panther Mound in the everglades. I think you may have to hike to it but I also saw there is a connection between it and the sphinx in terms of an energy node/ley line.

    Still in the midst of home renovations but can see the enf near and my son starts school tomorrow so we can all get back on a schedule.


  • Yeah right, I'm not going near the Everglades, we have an outbreak of two differernt types of Anaconda's! Earthquake in NY/Washington and Hurricane on the way!


  • HI Beth, my lot are off for another week and a half and then we will get a regular schedule up and going again too. I love having them around but this holiday they have not really settled in to not having school if you know what I mean so they are all looking forward to going back. My little one will miss her big sisters though.

    Glad I could help, sorry I am not good at keeping my mails up todate. I ahve to ask though, since I often wonder, did it really help or were you just saying that? I often really wonder how much sending reiki and chakra stuff really helps. I did some reiki on myself on Sunday and felt completely spaced out afterwards, it was just great. Brilliant tool.

    Better go to bed, hope you lot in the US are all safe and sound. The earth has gone crazy and is shaking us all off like bugs.


  • Paddi,

    Yes the reiki you sent my sister really did help. I also gave her a shielding technic as she was picking up on everyone else pain everytime they took her to therapy and she would double over sick to her stomach it was so bad. So between the two things she is now able to handle the therapy and get back to walking. I spoke to her yesterday and she said that things are going so much better and she feels much clearer and able to handel it all.

    Thank you again so much for taking the time to do this.

    Take it easy as it goes for this last week till school and then hopefully smooth sailing.


  • You folks are so gifted, don't doubt yourself! YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!


  • IBelieve so sorry for the long delay, I am glad your sister is making progress.

    So where is everyone, it is really quiet around the forum at the moment. My kids went back to school today and it seemed more like the start of a new year than the actual New Year, I was making loads of resolutions to acheive before the next summer holidays.

    Hope you are all well xxxPaddi

  • Paddi,

    Everyone is busy with life, which is a good thing but we still come back occassionally. It's about balance at the moment. Spiritual and physical and everything in between. I think a lot of us were swinging too far into the spiritual realm and pulled back a bit and some pulled out completely. I'm working on maintaining a balance rather than shucking it all and continuing to spin back and forth.

    Make any sense?

    Well, it is worth a shot anyway.

    Sister is still doing well and the therapy is working.

    Hope all is going weel with you and enjoy the first week with the kids in school, you deserve a rest.


  • Yes it makes complete sense, I am no different, I pulled back completely for a while because I needed something solid like translating to balance the flighty thoughts. I get quickly in to a meditation state by breathing, really all I do is breathe in and out 3 times really deeply and then let my body return to normal breathing and I concentrate on my third eye and usually by then I am in a state of calm and ready to zoom off in to the otherworld. Takes a bit of practise.

    Hugs to you and good luck with teh balancing, for some reason I am seeing gardening as a balancing thing for you, I can see you out with your trowel digging out weeds.


  • Paddi,

    You may be on to something. I don't garden but...I always had a routine sprucing up the yard twice a year. Fall and spring. Since I moved in with hubby, he takes cre of the yard and like everything else with regards to the house, dislikes me messing with it. I have lost touch with the change of seasons and getting in touch with the earth. I'm trying to remedy that still. It is going better but you have a valid point. I should get outside and in touch with my new yard, take care of my plants, touch them and speak to them. You remind me of my doing this at my old home and each tree and plant was special to me. food for thought.


  • Just saying hello all, will be back later, busy!

  • Hey guys, I've been seeing this beautiful woman, she looks just like my youngest daughter absolutely gorgeous, I saw her last week and I saw her again this morning, I'm wondering if she is my higher self? I think she is, well very exciting. She had almond eyes and looked Egyptian or Saudi looking, think she had a ring in her nose. One other time saw a young pretty girl with braids in her hair. Do you guys sense anything? Let me know!

    I've been busy too going thru up's and downs but more up's. May God keep us all and he will, love and miss everybody!

  • Beth,

    Sounds like the woman I saw in a dream last week. She had no real role in the dream, was just there and the only way I could describe her was she looked Egyptian.

  • Didn't I pick up something like that for you before, when you asked for a past life reading? I am seeing a woman but she tends more towards the Indian style and is wearing a sari which is billowing in the wind, and I don't think she is you in a past life, she is a guardian angel no that is not right either she is your spirit guide and she wants to take you somewhere or show you the way there, she is swaying her arms in such a way as to say this is the way, She does have that little red spot on her forehead like Indian women do. She says follow the path I will take you to a quieter place, I ask her how you should know what to follow, she is showing me a lot of flowers and also some kind of material with flowers embroidered on it, blue bakground she says in the flower fields. She is dancing all the time and when I ask her relatioship to you she says great grand uncle.There are a lot of fields around her but she is on an elevation and constantly dancing, using her arms in a rolling kind of manner.

    OK I have said goodbye to her, really she never sits still, because it is late here. Do not ask me where this all came from because I have no answer but at any rate this dancing Indian-style lady with jet black hair tied up in a bun and wearing a sari is there with you. WOuld love to hear your thoughts.

    xxPaddiiiii yawn daughter's birthday tomorrow she will be 5 and I have still to decorate the cake, oh well I will do it while the kids are at school. I got her some new shoes today and she got sparkly ones and she is so proud she went round showing them to everyone in the shop. My quiet reserved little Ana.

    Sleep calls, IBelieve you had a question about spirit guides ages ago too if I remember correclty but you never asked it.


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