What do you see Paddi?

  • Paddi,

    That sounds incredible. You can count me in as for the chakra clearing you did for me and we'll see about the house clearing but I want to finish my cleaning first or so we can get at the real root of the porblem. Maybe you will be in business by then.


    Take care of yourself, enjoy the good things.


  • I enjoyed vacuuming, it was quite therapeutic.

  • I've been having sort of Hot flashes and thought I was going thru early Menopause but just read it's part of the Accension thingie, good. I think wonderful things will be happening for us soon, good and bad depends on how you look at it, they say the trials are what make us stronger and closer to God! Everyone have a wonderful day!

    Love all!

  • Thanks for that note, I've been experiencing a bit of the same and was getting concerned myself.

  • Are we on the brink of great change? In the physical, the discomfort, the irritation, the rising of temperatures is all that a symptom of rising to another level? Or is it our human bodies struggling with our spiritual growth?

  • Anyone have any ideas for a website name?

  • something celtic and healing combined

  • Harmony Restoration

    For your space and your life.

  • Don't mind my butting in...astral traveling? remote viewing? I am fascinated! I read back a while where someone connected with someone else's grandfather who'd passed on....he showed you chipmunks? Don't mind my ignorance. I am really new to this, but I am intrigued nontheless.

  • Hi Jazzy,

    It was my grandfather Paddifluff connected with and yep he showed her chipmunks. She is a remarkably talented woman and I was blessed to receive such a message from her. Astral travel is when one's sprit leaves the body to travel elsewhere whether in be travel to another place, time or realm. The abilities of our spirits when not limited by our human bodies and minds is remarkable. Remote viewing is seeing into the space or life of another without physically being there. Don't worry you are not ignorant. Feel free to ask any questions that arise. It's hard to say who exactly will answer but you are most assured of getting a response from someone. By the way, the chipmunks were my way of knowing it was my grandfather she was visiting with, he used to rescue them from the forest near his home and keep them through the brutal winter in cages like hamsters. He freed them in the spring thus allowing them to continue there lives rather become prey to other animals during a tough winter. It was an item that would be significant to me. After all I bet your grandfather didn't keep chipmunks as pets now did he?

    Welcome to the thread.

  • THANK YOU for the warm welcome and thorough explanation, RC. I actually lost my grandfather just over a year ago........ I'd LOVE to connect with him as I used to call him and cry on his shoulder that I was almost 40 and can't find a hubby ......He'd tell me I'll always be "Poppa's baby", so not finding a hubby was ok with him.........now 40 has come and gone and there are no prospects in sight....and of course my grandfather is no longer here for me to call and cry on his shoulder so that makes the lonliness even harder. .I just wonder what my Poppa would tell me about my current plight in finding a husband............we were so close that I know he would understand my pain. If anyone could connect with him to see if him to see if he has a message for me or so I could tell him hello, that would be awsome

  • Jazzy you are most welcome. I'm not the right person to connect with your grandfather it's just not my expertise. But I can assure you this, his love is with you always and I am sure he is watching over you in more ways than you would ever realize. I'm unmarried myself and for years I too looked for Mr. Right and wondered why I couldn't find him. That is not to say you won't. But I can assure of this if the Mr. Right for you is out there and your grandfather is aware of him, he surely is working behind the scenes to bring you together. Remember things don't happen in our time, they happen in God's time this we cannot control or manipulate. Maybe Paddi can connect with your grandfather when she has the time. But remember you can do this too. Get quiet, breathe and listen with your ears and with your heart, the messages will come when the time is right, this I promise you. Welcome to the group. Have a wonderful evening or day whichever is appropriate in your time zone.

  • Hi Jazzy

    welcome to the thread! Sure I can connect to your poppa, you need to get him to show me something that only you would know about but don't tell me what it is, so we know it is him, and ask him too if he has any messages and if he would give them to me. RC is right, if you clear your head and just listen and observe without forcing it then you can probably do it yourself. I'll see what I can do.


  • IBelieve I did put a post for you on the numerology forum, I wonder if you could help.

  • 🙂 Hello Paddi Cakes and Mags, have a good weekend!

  • Okay Paddi,

    Sorry I did not see it but will go find it and see what I can do. I spend so much time in the usual threads some stuff gets buried before I get around to looking at the overall. LOL


  • Hello Paddi...OMG, if you could help me connect with my Poppa, I'd be very grateful. Do I just focus on him and ask him mentally to show you something?

  • RC and Paddi, thank you both. I am sitting in bed meditating on my Poppa. I will ask him to show Paddi something that would confirm its him...THANKS in advance for trying, but THANK YOU ALL for the warm welcome 🙂

  • Hi Jazzy, sorry about the delay, I have been busy with renovating all weekend. OK I just made contact with an older man whom I must presume was your grandfather. My first image was a toddler running round and then sitting in a wooden highchair to be fed. Then I asked to be shown what you had told your grandfather to show me. I was shown a young girl on a pony at riding lesson or being led around a field, I saw a shared love for horses. I saw a farmyard with brick buildings, kind of like slate. It actually looked very Irish (I am from there). I saw an overturned wheelbarrow. I was taken in to the horse stables and `i was shown a rosette. And then a trophy, now this was your grandfather's and it was for some kind of sport, was it running or golf? I saw him doing exercises bending his knees like a warm up. Then I asked him did he have any message for you. He said he was happy, his energy was good by the way, he say to watch the night lights or was it night life and to trust your intuition and you would be fine.

    I did not keep up the connection very long because i wanted your feedback first before going any further. Oh when he was showing me the trophy he was sitting in a kitchen with a woman and they were like partners and the message was sent like they both meant it, it was a joint decision.

    Let me know if you can relate to anything at all here, I most definitely cannot.


  • Hey Paddi,

    Nice red for Jazzy, hope it is just what she is looking for from Poppa.

    Something struck me this morning and I wanted to approach you on it. You said the last time you tried to communicate with my grandfather you saw the violent boat incident again. Well it just occurred to me that many years back my dad had told the story of his stepmother falling out of the boat or overboard or something of the like and he dove in and saved her to which his father commented "what did you do that for? You should have let her drown." Now this may not be the incident you are seeing but it could be. Perhaps it was not such an accident. The weird part is when you told me of it, I imagined your description to be of my great grandfather and I couldn't imagine a violent streak from what I know of him. What is strange is that if this is the incident you saw, it's the chipmunk grandpa shaking the boat. Any thoughts???

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