What do you see Paddi?

  • Thankyou Mags, I think it will be fine soon, 🙂 I appreciate your efforts too, Love ya

    Bee Xx

  • Bee is your dark entity a bad spirit? Of so I refuse to touch it. Of not, can you please stop posting reminders because it puts me under a lot of pressure which I do not need right now. I have not forgotten you I just have no energy.


  • Okay, that is ok, Do not worry for the moment, 🙂 I know your under pressure, Yes it is bad well not extremly but it is bad, That is why it is dark, but people are helping me rid it, and i am trying too, so it should be gone soon, if i follow there advice and steps, which i will, 🙂 Hope you feel good soon, and I am hoping you have a good day today, Bee Xx

  • Sorry Sheelagh its my fault not Bees i should have posted on her lightworkers thread didnt mean to cause you any more stress . 😉

  • Hello guys, take it easy, I feel a lil stressed myself, gotta mediate it does wonders for you soul and your Clairity and Peace of Mind! I'm leaving early but I wanna wish everyone a good weekend. Paddi I have been very emotional too, it's good or you sometimes.

    Take a breather a long one, there is so much discord in the world sometimes, ask God to fill you with his light and Peace, I pray for all of us all the time. Love Yall!

    You are strong and will overcome all the adversities, don't worry.

  • Hi Paddi 🙂 Hoping you have a magical day.......sending you hugs and lots of love and light. GJay

  • Paddi Congratulations on over 100 pages! Awesome!!

    Poetic posted the most amazing uplifting thread today


    I love it all but I really love this part 🙂

    Dancing rivers of sparkling particles of Light infuse your every breath with wonder as you recognize your every moment as a treasure hunt. What gift of Love shall be made manifest in My heart now? As you watch and wait to see what Love will bring you, what bursts forth through the conduit of your being, your every day will be magical, and suddenly you will find that you are freedom appearing here as you.

    I can only be happy when I read that!! Its amazing 🙂

  • 🙂 Xx

  • hey Poetic ive recored a documenrty on the history channel about aliens being angels

    see the angel in this picture this is exactly how i seen my vision .

  • Pretty Picture Mags, 🙂 Thats interesting,

    Love Bee Xx

  • Thanks Bee

    I know it looks human in that pic from a distance but close up the face looked like this white all over with big brown bug eyes and elfin features.

  • Coolio, Likes the look of that 🙂 lol Xx

    Bee X

  • Hi folks, my energy is very negative at the moment so I won't post till it picks up again.



  • Paddi,

    So sorry for all you are going through. I will catch up with you as I can, but know that my thoughts and prayers are with you during these difficulties.

  • My thougts are with you Sheelagh sendsing you an abundace of whitelight .

    Love Mags x

  • Paddi I'm praying very hard for you and hope you feel better, let it go ..... Release and Purge, I know exactly how it is felt like that this weekend, it's gone now. Yours will go too, Take deep breaths.

  • Mag's thats is so cool! I've read and forgive me If I repeat myself that Aliens where the one's who taught the Egyptians there are a humanity loving group the Pledians and other and there was a group that did not care about us at all, fascinating stuff found it when I looked up the original races and sub-races before the Atlantians I think, fascinating stuff. I wish I could see them like that all I see for now is lights, Sacred Geometry symbols and beautiful fantasy like lights when I wake up and don't open my eyes, I see Lights in the shape of angels let me find a picture, very cool though.

  • Okay found lots of good stuff, let's see. I think this a pic of a Pleadian

  • The Angelic lights I see, look like these.

  • Very pretty colors. The Angel with the lights coming down is the one I saw the night who said she was giving me her lights.

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