What do you see Paddi?

  • I had a good weekend too, sunny weather, at a friends had a picknick, now back to college, yay, i am glad your enjoying yourself paddi I hope you will let me know when your able to do the spirit thing, I hope it continues to stay sunny this week.

    Bee Xx

  • Hola! Just stopping by!

  • Sorry Bee I have been doing the readings sporadically because there is not enough time in the day to eat at the moment. I got a mail from my friend whose friend you were all sending energy to and she says her friend condition has improved for the first time in weeks so THANK YOU ALL so much and if you have any energy left please keep sending it!


  • Hi Paddi, just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you. Another rough week is in store for me but I'll be keeping tabs. Take good care and remember to rest.

  • Hey Paddi- Glad your friend is improving, I do not mind waiting, when your ready, i will be here.

    I will keep sending my thoughts and prayers to your friend, and hope she continues to improve getting better, love and Light Bee Xx

  • Sheelagh, I'm glad your friend is doing better. I'll include her in my prayers. I have also asked Buffalo to grace her with his medicine (prayer and abundance). May she continue to get better x

  • Hi Paddi 🙂 Sending prayers to your friend and you too 🙂 Hope everything is well with you. I'm still busy but its better, now have my regular stuff I have to get caught up on and I'm tired. Love and Light GJay 🙂

  • 🙂 Praying for you Paddi and Mags!

  • Hi folks beautiful weather here, having a realtively stress free day today if you leave out the customer complaints but I think hubby has finally sat up and realised he needs to pull a few plugs becasue one of the complaints came from the biggest customer. Hohum.

    Have a nice day all!

  • You too!

  • Have a nice day Paddi- Enjoy the weather, it is lovely here too,

    Bee Xx

  • Mags, I hope you see this soon, remember the picture you put up about Archangel Metatron and it looked like an Alien? Well I've since learned a lot about the real history of Humanity and there were actual Aliens who lived among the Egyptians, some where the Pleadians who loved mankind and some where not so friendly so it's very possible.

    Have a good day guys!

  • Hi folks hope you are all well. I am shattered, have been shouting at the kids and they feel my mood and are playing up, tears are just behind my eyes never mimd it will pass. RC and Mags the discipline thing never happened as my hubby told me one thing and did another and I have been finding out about more empty promises so I wonder how that plays in to our relationship. At any rate Business-wise I was absolutely gutted, felt so messed around. So now I am emotional on top of it all and staying out of the office to avoid a confrontation I would lose in my present state.

    Have to feed the kids it will be Mc Donalds I think , the thought of cooking fries my own brain.

    xxPad sorry a bit under the weather

  • Paddi- Sorry to hear that, I hope things will get better for you, I am sure your just having one of those days, 🙂 it will be sorted, Love ya Bee Xx

  • Thanks Bee it has been one of those weeks, never mind it will get better for sure!! WOOHOO we made 100 pages!!

  • 🙂 100 pages wow, Thats cool, and Love ya Bee Xx

  • Love your pic Bee. I ended up making dinner. McDonalds style.

  • lol, glad you made it too Mcdonalds, or did you make it like McDonalds 🙂

    when your ready, will you let me know about the spirit scan thingy, 🙂 I know your going through some stuff at the moment so i will wait till your Ok. 🙂 Bee Xx

    Love ya .

  • Paddi, hang in there girl. It will get better. My words of wisdom fail me today, perhaps I'll be better after some rest of my own. I'll be in touch. Remember you matter, breathe, take a few minutes for yourself especially after the little ones are down to sleep. it will get better.

  • Hi All

    Sorry to hear about the mess Sheelagh i sent you mail

    Poetic yes it doesnt suprise me it did look exactly like an alien being but i defently knew that it was an angel .

    Bee Im sorry to hear about your dark entity i have envisualized you surrounded in a bubble of whitelight wich nothing can penetrate but im sorry i dont know what else to do but you are getting some great advice form others on your thread i hope that someone can help you get rid of it soon.

    Sending love and light 2 all Mags xx

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