What do you see Paddi?

  • Hey Poetic,

    My daughter is10 she is so happy that she seen what could be i dont know for sure the same butterfly hovering in front of us i have to tell you my garden is begining to look like the butterfly enclosure we have at the zoo near me they are everywhere i have had cocoons on my house now there is one below my daughters window ive asked my friend thats crossed over to send me a purple one as a sign from her but its mainly the ones like your avatar that i am seeing. I said that i would pray for the earth for jinlas thread but its not the earth we need to pray for your right Poetic as it is the souls and their families and loved ones who need our prayers . My hubby is the one who is always walking around with a dark cloud hanging over his head lately i feel that he is suffering depression but hes not listening you know the old saying you can lead the horse to water but you cant make it drink i have had a forcefeild up against him today as i cant handle the dark energy eminating from him its like living with doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde the moodswings are very extreme. Its hard but im learning not to take these dark moods personally

    im sending him healing but sometimes i feel blocked like he has a brick wall around him i cant seem to connect and tap into his energy properly .

    . Thanks for your prayers i hope that your back pain has eased

    Many Blessings Loap:)

  • Thank You Mags, no more back pain, your yard sounds like a paradise, I like looking at them them seem so happy and not a care in the world. My husband is the same way I think he is bi-polar, it may only get worse for them this year, sometimes I wonder if he will snap like a lot of people seem to be doing lately. I know we are protected, will ask the Angels to fill him with Light, if he asks, he will get it and it will lift the heaviness. Children are so precious.

  • Info I got today on the changes ahead.


  • Hope you get your purple butterfly Mags! Love to you all, busy busy here and not on the forum that much or anywhere else for that matter.


  • Hi Paddi 🙂 Just had to pop in an say hi and hang in there 🙂 !! Me busy tooooooooo....ugh have to have everything done and delivered by Friday....so see ya later.................................

  • Hey Poetic,

    Can you tell me does anyone in baby Brookes family have horses? as everytime im typing a post to her i am seeing and feeling ponies and i feel that she is either going to have a strong love for horses like my duaghter or she is going to brought up around horses on a ranch or something like that .

  • Hi GJay it never stops LOL I cotinue to dream of my 4 week holiday on the Maledives someday, if they are still there by then.My mail is my user name at gmail dot com if you want to chat sometime between sorting out personnel disputes and accounting fullstops.


  • Has anyone found the Pot o' Gold today yet? Would love a clue....am looking myself if I find it I will send a clue here! Love and Light to all~!!!

  • Good Morning/Afternoon, Mags Grandma says she used to own race horses for around 15 years and there is an Uncle who has race horses, very good!

    Hope all is well for everybody, I had an extreme emotional day yesterday, it's all good.

  • HUgs Poetic, hope you are feeling a bit better today. My kids are all getting sick one after the other, the joys of motherhood, I need a holiday.


  • Get them some Vitamin C, yeah they share the germs, don't they! Hope you don't catch be back soon. Love!

  • Nighty night Mags I am off to do your hubby now, LOL not what it sounds like ladies, just a cleansing. At least I can do that undisturbed on here.


  • Paddi- Are you still Willing to do some more Spirit Seeing? If you are im very interesting in what spirits you can feel. see around me. If your not able to at the moment, or are too busy i do understand. Not sure how far you can go on the seeing front, as i was going to ask you something specific. But want to get your conformation first. Thanks Many Blessings Bee Xx

  • Sure AB whats up?

  • Nothings up lol I was Just wondering if your able to see peoples guides and such a like that- Kinda trying my best to get in touch with them myself through meditations and things like that, But was curious to know what spirits are around me, or if any at all like RC, I am just curious. 🙂 It be interesting what things you can pick up too or if there are any messages you can pick up for me from them. That is if your up to it 🙂 Its nothing specific Though. 🙂 I will be going away to a friends this weekend though, so will try and pop in before then. Love Bee Xx

  • Have you tried Mindfulness meditation Bee? I keep saying I am going to give it another try (I didn't stick to it last time). I've seen many counsellors/therapists suggest it. Look up mindfulnet on the Interwebs

  • Oh no i haven't I will check it out- Thank you PH it will help 🙂

    Love and Light Bee Xx


    How is everyone? Paddi/Mags, I felt something pop into my head in the middle of the night, maybe my soul was returning from somewhere? Scared the poop out of me.

  • You may be right poetic555. Did you know shamans believe the soul is made up of many fragments, each piece representing a different aspect of ourselves? They also believe that on a spiritual journey, parts of your soul can leave your body and enter the realm of Spirit.

    Cool huh? 🙂

  • Yeah Cool Cool 🙂 PH-

    Cee that sounds cool, Last night when i woke up, or the other night i cant remember, i heard a whisper or something saying I love you, but it was very faint. That scared me a little, and dont no if i was dreaming or awake lol.

    Bee Xx

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