What do you see Paddi?

  • Well I don't know how related this is to what youa sked for but the boy is walking through the fairground hand in hand with ? and eating candyfloss or an icecream, I can also see a popcorn stand. There is a lot happening around him, lights, dogs, people, noise, darkness, Oh boy. now I see him going to bed and the room is pink. Could it be a girl? How complicated could it be? Sorry I have to go and look at this for a minute. Maybe it is his sister. At any rate the room is dusty pink. I'm laughing now. I think I should write a mystery story.

  • Good Morning for me, a little late getting on, power outages from the storms. The squirrels are for me, jumping from tree to tree, yea Grandpa, good for you.

  • Way to Go.....you got it.....my grandfather used to save chipmunks from the forest near his home and put them in cages like hamsters, where he would lovingly feed and care for them all winter to keep them from being food for others. He then let them go in the spring. That is so COOL!!!! I am psyched. I tried to tell him to show you Alvin and the Chipmunks because you might get that easier than the hamsters cages but I guess he stuck to the real thing. I am impressed, he was big in to the animals, cared for lots, in fact my brother and I were discussing the musical instruments yesterday and he right away said now don't forget about all he had in the barn too.

    I'm not surprised you were offered tea and cookies I hear they were great hosts to all their guests, and the checkered tablecloth is dead on. You did a good job.

  • Grandma had suffered a stroke so I am not surprised she didn't get up or couldn't speak well if at all. The ducks, chickens and goose all fit too. But with the donkey and goat I wondered if you are getting a blend of some kind either from grandpa's childhood or another generations home. We can't yet place the banjo and guitar you mentioned before on the other thread, I'm waiting to hear back from an uncle.

    Here's a human question for you. He obviously is with his last wife #3, he divorced #2, but number 1 died when his children were very small. I would have thought they would find each other there, Is there another woman around him or does he mention her at all?

    On a weird fluke, does he know who the people are in the sketches I showed you? Was the younger man his father? If so, I need to learn more from him and would welcome a visit.

  • Paddi,

    Glad this new thread is working for you. You are doing a remarkable job. I am so thankful you are willing to do this for me and the others involved as well. Don't wear yourself out though be careful of that, please.

  • HI RC well I was tired actually exhausted after I had communicated with your grandfather so I knew it was for real, I have been waiting impatiently for your reply lol I am so happy it has worked out for you. I did not see any other woman around the house. I can see if they invite me for another cup of tea and ask about the sketches, but I will do it later on when the kids are in bed. Maybe you can ask them to communicate what they know in some manner or another.

    I was very moved by your grandparents, they were so good to me. I am so happy all your doubts have been removed, I kind of felt like it was a hard test, you are difficult to please lol but it also proves to me that it is not just my brain wobbling around.

    I hope we can solve Mags' dilemna now and then move on to finding mishelley's great aunt and the portrait.

    x I am so happy for you

  • Paddi, sorry I kept you waiting. I don't know where you are located but here it's 10:47am and our power was out for hours. I was impatient too believe me. I woke up ready to jump on the computer and two minutes later the power went out. Sure was glad I hadn't turned it on yet. My apologies for keeping you waiting.

    I am sure you didn't see my other grandma at the house. I wouldn't have expected her to be there I just kind of wondered what became of her, if he has settled in with wife #3 mind you that may just be my human analogy of the situation presented. Wife #1 was my dad's mother. She & I have something special in common.

  • RC well you can ask her to show herself and we will see if something happens. I understand your wish to contact her. BTW I am on CET location near Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    MAgs, okay I know you are in sleepy land but I will post anyway. I am seeing a little girl now with a fringe and long hair tied back in ponytails. I am seeing her bedroom which has only a small window which is high up if any at all and when I ask her if the boy and the man are in a book she nods. The pink is purply pink actually and I can see a side table and a lamp and an elderly woman who comes to tuck her in to bed.


  • I will see what I can do to get her to come through, no promises. You really have done a wonderful job with all of this, thank you so much. I am puzzled why I don't receive the same myself, brother thinks I'm just not open enough to it. Time to ground and probably another cleansing before the weekend, I'm working on it.

  • Dear Sheelagh,

    Im sorry im racking my brains do you mean they are in a story book? Do you think the girl and the lady have passed or are they just visions? take your time Sheila i can only imagine how overwheliming it is for you . Guys im a bit behind in cyber language what does BTW mean?

    Oh hang on il take a punt on it is it before the weekend?

  • Sorry I got bogged down all day. Hope everything is ok, will check in early in the morning, hopefully no more power issues. It's been raining cats and dogs all day.

  • BTW = By the way

  • Oh now i get it RC , its a beautiful day over here sunshine a light breeze couldnt ask for a better day i looked at your scetch thread it very interesting i love looking at old photos .

  • Glad you liked the sketches. It's still raining something awful here, so much so that it's nearly 3am and I can't sleep so here I am.

  • HI Mags, sorry I am not getting very far with this boy thing. I think there is a book related to this girl which should point you in the right direction but I don't know which one. The fairground/circus also seems to be important and so do the boy and the man. I will do a bit of meditation later for you to see what I can get because that went really well yesterday with RC. Will you ask them to send you great big huge unavoidable markers that you will recognise and let me know when you ahve done, then I can see if I can pick anything up.

    I got to the bottom of my friend's sister's problem, she has a problem with her eyes at the moment so it is not a brain tumour, but I asked if she would get it checked anyway. She is very lonely, discontent, has the perfect marriage on the outside but not on the inside, my friend insists this is not true but that is what I saw and we don't know what goes on behind closed doors. So she must look for a hobby or challenge.

    x will post later, am quite tired today.

  • Hi Mags, I hope this gets you before you go to bed. I just lay down and asked the spirits to join me and they came, I told them I wanted bumper signs you could not ignore and this is what I got. First off I got a black car, an old timer, maybe a rolls royce but I am not sure, anyway a very smart one and with a roll back roof I think though that may just have been the design of the car. Then I asked about the girl and the woman and was told they are in the book and that it is a favourite but I could not pick out a title. Then I saw a huge big building in red brick, it is kind of like the gate house to a huge estate and you have to go through a kind of tunnel to get to the other side in to the estate, then I saw lots and lots of tall trees and we were riding in a horse and cart (a nice one may I add) down a kind of allee of trees, an avenue. And suddenly the trees were gone and we were looking out over rolling hills and we were high up and had a good view. They said (the boy and his companion) that you would now what this is. I asked for more signs because seriously I was not convinced and I got shown horses, lots and lots of horses. And now comes the kick, I asked the boy was he from this life and he said he was but he hasn't left this life yet. But he is with you.

    So, this is what I saw, I am all cold and tired like I was after RC's thing yesterday so I am hoping this is for you, it is deifnitely for somebody on this thread or on the anything goes one. And he keeps saying he is from you.

    Good luck Mags, I hope this helps, if not let me know and I will give it one last try.

  • Dear Sheelagh

    Im sorry i cant place the little girl either ive asked her to show you something so lets see what happens ive asked Sheila ( MY JOURNEY) to come and have a read because she is the only person other than you guys that i talk to alot on the forum just incase they might be coming through for her via myself because i honestly and i thankgod for this do not know of any little kids that have passed away . To me it sounds like they worked at the carnival do you think this is right ?and i dont want to drain your energy what colour hair does the little girl have ?

    Whenever your ready Sheelagh take your time im thinking about Basia and how easy it was with her these ones are really keeping us on our toes lol

  • Dear Sheelagh,

    I have been intrigued with a place called Waverly Hill Sanitorium do you know of it? as i love old buildings it reminds me of the titanic above ground one of the most haunted places in the world as well. Im sorry i cant post any pics im on my daughters laptop its was built in the 1920s and in its hey day the building looks like it could be red brick and it has a 30ft long (i think ) tunnel running underneath it that was used to take supplies up to the building and take the dead bodies out of the building this sounds similar to what your describing other than the horses and car here is a link to the website

    Another thing i want to tell you is my friends dad used to keep horses in his backyard he built a stable i did ask him to show you a horse a couple of days ago so do you think this could be a link? If you get time have a look at the website it has heaps of photos i dont know if this is what your seeing but this is what come to mind for me when you mentioned the tunnel .

    i hope you sleep well love Mags

  • Hmm it could be but the entrance I am seeing is a bit different, it is like the entrance to the estate, it would fit this kind of estate but I can't see a picture of it anywhere. What I do notice is that there are rolling hills around when you get out of the woods. but I would not know why you are being shown that. Yes I think it is your old family friend then, he said you would know what the horses were all about. And did your ead my post above, the little boy is seemingly still alive but with you, does your friend have a grandson or son that might fit the age group. I also got the idea that they do not live very close to you, there seems to be a distance there.

    Maybe MyJourney can figure it out for us, key points being the man, the little boy, the lily flower, the book, the horses, the car and the estate. Or maybe Mishelley can help us out.

  • Yes he had a son he would probably be 33 now but i havent seen him since he was a toddler and that was the last time i seen the father they moved about an hours drive away i know you probably dont want them to show you these things but do you pick up on any feelings about how the father passed then i will know for sure oh and Basia and her mother had a book that they both loved to read over and over it was called what colour is love (i think) ive asked her to nod her head to you if this is her .My godfather used to own land similar to what your describing but as far as i know hes still alive .

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