What do you see Paddi?

  • Very interesting the splitting of the soul reminds me of Harry Potter I guess there was truth behind the tale. Bee I will put you on my list, there are some wanting cleansing and Marc has asked for a spirit scan too.

    Poetic that has never happened to me the omly thing that wakes me at night is when one of my kids stir, usually just before they wake up.

    And whatever plane I am on now, I have started sensing things before they happen. That is freaky. I suppose I will get used to it. One of my daughters was upset while I was out and I felt it. That spooked me when I came home amd the babysitter told me she had been crying.

    xhappy weekend to all

  • Your daughter was calling out to you. She knew innately that you would feel her. It was (maybe still is?) taught to Native American children. If the child is afraid or lost, they can call on the medicine of their parents, gaining their parents' courage and strength, or in certain circumstances, "drawing" their parents to them.

  • Bee, my ex experienced the exact same thing. I too have heard a whisper as I was on the verge of waking up. Someone said "Again". I never did figure out what it meant.

  • Lol- Thankyou Paddi- and PH i will be on again sunday ev or monday not sure which yet.

    But i will be back. Bee Xx


  • Marc, yes my kids and I all have a very telepathic bond. I think they also have gifts and I am always very open about mine.

  • Hi All,

    Upon awakening i often see a mist near the ceiling in the corner of my room and as soon as i come into focus it dissapears and i know that its not my eyes playing tricks on me .

  • Hey Marc ,

    Ive taken out my animal healing cards gonna try using them again ill let you know how i go .

  • Mags somebody else had that here on the forum and got a reply, I will see if I can find it for you.

  • Very cool Loap, keep me informed 🙂

  • Marc I posted on your thread, LoaP pulled a coyote for me and I am a bit worried about the significance. Any thoughts if you haven't already given an answer? MAgs was gojng to ask you about her card too and I am sure RC will jump in as well.

  • Oh dear I did a chakra cleansing last night for a dear friend who has a serious stomach issue and I must not have protected myself properly because my stomach is just killing me now. I haven't heard yet if it made a difference, I fear whatever she has is too advanced to help but I will keep doing it anyway.


  • Morning folks, can you please please please help me out and send some white light and healing energy to a friend of a friend called Lizzy who is lying in a hospital in Dublin Ireland in an induced coma and I don't know if there is any hope for her but we can only try.

    Thanks very much, Pad

  • Consider it on the way Paddi, hope your friend feels better soon.

  • Hey Paddi- I am wishing you friend gets better soon.

    🙂 Hope you had a good weekend. Bee Xx

  • done!

  • Also done 🙂

  • Thanks so much people, I really hope to hear good news soon. I made contact with the lady in the induced coma, she drank herself this far, liver ruined, lungs collapsed, kidney failure, and the message I was getting was that she has given up, she doesn't want to go on. I sat beside her and talked quietly about my friend who loves her so much. I myself was lying on the couch in the sun so I sent her some virtual rays. I got positive vibes before I left her. I wonder if it will help. I got another message from my friend telling me about her abusive husband. It made my blood boil, he was my next door neighbour when we were kids and his folks used to have massive rows. I suppose he grew up with it. But oooooo I wanted to drag her out of there. I will send her a really positive message back and tell her to think of herself and her son.

  • Sent light too Paddi and asked Arch Angel Raphael to help if possible, hope all is well! Where is Mags? I thought guys last nite.

  • Mags was busy with her son's fourth birthday.

    Hope you all had a nice weekend. I enjoyed my kids and the weather and chatting.


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