What do you see Paddi?

  • Dear Paddi,

    I have so many questions, don't know quite where to start.

    Perhaps when you have time, let me know what/who you see. I feel like guides are fluxuating all the time.

    Have fun with the cake and the party.


  • Hello, Paddi

    My step sister's boyfriend died yesterday an hour after he was back at work from lunch with her... He had a seizure that stopped his heart. Is there anything you can see about that? If you have time... His name was Jimmy. He has a baby daughter with my sister.

    Thank you


  • Sorry to hear that.

  • You said:

    Didn't I pick up something like that for you before, when you asked for a past life reading? I am seeing a woman but she tends more towards the Indian style and is wearing a sari which is billowing in the wind, and I don't think she is you in a past life, she is a guardian angel no that is not right either she is your spirit guide and she wants to take you somewhere or show you the way there, she is swaying her arms in such a way as to say this is the way, She does have that little red spot on her forehead like Indian women do. She says follow the path I will take you to a quieter place, I ask her how you should know what to follow, she is showing me a lot of flowers and also some kind of material with flowers embroidered on it, blue bakground she says in the flower fields. She is dancing all the time and when I ask her relatioship to you she says great grand uncle.There are a lot of fields around her but she is on an elevation and constantly dancing, using her arms in a rolling kind of manner.

    OK I have said goodbye to her, really she never sits still, because it is late here. Do not ask me where this all came from because I have no answer but at any rate this dancing Indian-style lady with jet black hair tied up in a bun and wearing a sari is there with you. WOuld love to hear your thoughts.

    xxPaddiiiii yawn daughter's birthday tomorrow she will be 5 and I have still to decorate the cake, oh well I will do it while the kids are at school. I got her some new shoes today and she got sparkly ones and she is so proud she went round showing them to everyone in the shop. My quiet reserved little Ana.

    Sleep calls, IBelieve you had a question about spirit guides ages ago too if I remember correclty but you never asked it.


    I'm so excited reading this, no last time it was a guy in a mine somewhere near Indonesesia or maylaysia I D K. surrounded by a lake, it's also funny how things can sometimes not make any sense to you and you can back a year leater and they make perfect sense, well still don't know about the guy but who knows! I find this so exciting I've been thinking about India a lot lately and have been learning there religious practices and beliefs.

    I would'nt have thought of India but she sure looked like my daughter. I was also looking up belly dancers last weekend for some reasons, sometimes when we are comunicating I can feel her energy dancing around and I will shimmy my hips like to match her, this is so cool, she appears to me as a Vivid Royal Blue sometimes as a circle with several diameters or as the Sacred Geometry box, sometimes as stars. Don't know about the flowers probably on the realm she is on, I can't wait to go, I say all the time "Come and get me!" Dreamed of a blue veil once, I'm very excited, I don't ask for reading too much any more because I know the journey is within. I so appreciate your time! I'm excited, forgive me If I repeat myself. A great Uncle I wonder who that is, you know they can appear as male or female aspects to us. I think the best times are ahead! Muchas Gracia's!

    Stay strong, gonna email you something! Happy Birthday for your baby!


  • I'm sorry too... I wish I could just say something to make her feel better or to make her see everything outside of how she lost her love... But she's heart broken... It's such a devastating and unexpected thing to happen.

  • Beth who knows, remember the dream of the 3 Beth's we may be related, who knows, nothing surprises me anymore, my dreams are more and more Intuitive now. Loving the ride!

    AngelVictoria- With grief there is not much we can do for others, depends on thier belief system, for example if I believe there is no death and that I will see that person again, you kinda feel better even though we will grieve them because we love them so much, pray for her. Hope all is well with you 🙂

  • Angelavictoria I am so sorry to hear that. I am not getting anything at the moment, it may be too soon, but I will keep the line open. Maybe you could ask Blmoon if she can help, her tuning is far more developed than mine.


  • Thank you, Paddi... I'll ask her as well.



  • Hi Paddi,

    Lately I have been thinking a lot about my paternal grandfather. He died before I was born, but I feel a really strong connection to him. Let me know if you need me to tell you anything about him. One thing that I found interesting is that he was born shortly after (within a year I think) a brother of his was killed by a train - playing by the tracks but not sure exactly what happened. They gave him his brother's name when he was born. I was told that it was actually his spirit returning again 🙂

    Thanks and no worries if you can't connect or do not have the time.


  • Hi Watergirl sure I can give it a go, I don't need any info though it would be helpful if you ask him to show me things you would recognise. I am not good with names.


  • Thanks Paddi - I asked him 🙂

  • WG I gave ita go last night and stupidly fell asleep leaving me prey to other spirits and I had a visit from all the spirits around my hubby who was snoring beside me and it took a while to clear these out lol stupid me never learn. Was your grandfather a very present person, the sort who takes over a room when he walksin to it? Just don't want to confuse him with my hubby's spirits. I also saw him on top of a hill/mountain looking out over a wide open space, I guess he was a lover of nature, and this person was either abseiling or hiking. I saw a man with a very big smile. I did not get much else but like I said I fell asleep and was shaken awake by presences in the room, my fault. I will try again today when I get some peace.


  • Hey Paddi - Yikes! Sorry about that (lol). And...Yes! My grandfather had a very powerful energy and did indeed fill up every room he entered. He was of Italian descent and was outdoors a lot so he had a very deep tan - his profession was landscape architect or something of the sort. He had a very big smile and and was always happy. Very extroverted and made everyone laugh. I never met him, but from the things my father says and from the energy I pick up from his photos he had a very powerful yet positive energy. I think that's why I miss not being able to know him...so many people in my family suffer from depression and it would have been great to have him around 🙂 It's strange how I can feel so connected to someone I never met...sometimes I get so sad that I can't have him around. Maybe we were together in a previous lifetime...

  • Well Watergirl he is most definitely present in your enrrgy field and I wonder if maybe you have some of his powerful presence too as this is what I alwsys feel when I read your posts and readings. I think he was also pdychic. He hung around for a while and it was like he was issueing a warning or telling you to be alert in your surroundings. Will check again later.


  • HI Sheelagh ,

    Thought i would drop in and say gday mate , i felt someone in spirit touching my hair all day but they are not showing themselves to me the energy is very playful, i feel it could be a child.

    I hope all is well

    Love, light and hugs Mags xx

  • HI Mags hun, I think it is your father, actually I do see a man standing behind you with a wistful look on his face and not playing with your hair but rubbing his hand over your head in a loving way. I am getting a very peaceful glow off your energy field , lovely golden colour.


  • WG please excuse the typos, I was doing it on the phone with one kiddie hanging off my arm wanting to use the ipod.

    My husband has some very persistent nasty spirits in his energy field, I wonder how to rid him of them. I had to banish them from my field at any rate and opened the window because I could not breathe in the room. My husband has a very all-enclosing smothering energy field. It takes a lot of effort to push it back to make room for myself, even at normal day to day times. Your grandfather WG has a persistent energy field as well but it is softer than that of my husband's and does not smother and he left after a while when I was fully awake again and alert, I really thought that I had been woken up to counter a burglar or something. So watch out for yourself.

    xxhugs to all Paddi

  • Thanks Sheelagh for the confirmation , thats great to know because ive been feeling sad that he hasnt tried to make contact with me .It was a very peaceful experience .

    Love and Hugs Mags xx

  • Thanks Paddi 🙂 Yes, I think I finally identified my grandfather's energy when I was asking him to get with you. The only other energies I have really felt have been AA Michael and AA Raphael. Michael mostly. He is very strong and electric feeling. Raphael is very soothing,but still strong in his own way. My grandfather's was kind of a cross between, but closer to the Raphael energy. Felt very warm - like drinking hot cocoa - but with a slight tinge of the the Michael electricity 🙂 I wonder what he could be trying to warn me about. My daily goddess card today was "Caution" and then when I pulled an Angel card I got the one shown below. I'm starting to get a little worried but have no idea what this is about. Sigh! Hope you are sleeping better tonight (lol).

  • LOL well I am going to relate that to the lady who asked for help with the child denying there is a dysfunctional adult within the girl's family.

    But seriously take care and remain observant.


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