What do you see Paddi?

  • Hola!

  • Paddi,

    I feel bad we haven't been in touch as I'd like lately, you know how to reach me individually so please feel free to do so. Hoping things are looking up for you and yours, know you are in my thoughts and prayers always. There is some rhyme or reason to the turns we take in this journey even if we don't understand it ourselves. Stay well and keep in touch when you can.

  • Will do RC, me and Mags were just wondering how you are. and saying how much we miss our family chats

    I am completely spooked, a couple of days ago I was thinking for mo reason about the Dutch royal family and how one of the crown prince's daughters might be really ill. I nearly died when I read in the news that she supposedly has lung problems and supposedly is in Miami for treatment. I am having loads of these spooky premonitions. it is really scary.

    Hugs to you all Paddi

  • Don't be scared Paddi its a gift, don't fear it embrace it and replace it withe Love, speaking of Spook by the way, I was laying in bed last night and it felt like the House shook and at the same time it felt like my Crown Chakra shook, thought I was being attacked don't know maybe it was my Psyche shaking up? Called on the Angelsto the rescue and Arch Angel Michael and laughed about it later.

    You and your kids have amazing gifts Paddi, or you gonna move have you decided?

  • My kids are my life Poetic.Every time I make plans to move as agreed with hubby he starts talking about us staying here and him there so I am just not getting the right vibes. I yearn for Ireland still, I wish I had the financial backup and the guts to pack up and leave. Right now I am fighting off a major cloud of depression I am trying so hard not to let it settle but yes it seems there are more who are being forced to face up to the fact that they are living a lie. And like you sayall we can do is hang on and try to enjoy the ridr because we cannot stop it.

    Have a great weekend Poetic and all others

    XxX S

  • Ah Paddi, you are not alone, I'm examining every detail of my life and wondering where can I make it better, they say we choose our lives and things we want to overcome, meditate and see what comes of it, you are so gifted and such a good person, don't despair, I have my pity parties too when things don't seem to go my way, we have to keep on keeping on and be alert for signs. This too shall pass. A part of me wants to run away and start a new life, but I'm gonna wait and see what's going on with our world because a lot bridges seem to be falling right now in the USA.

  • Hi Paddifluff,

    LivingonaPrayer recommended that I contact you. I've had 3 miscarriages in a row. I am looking for someone that can give me some answers as to why and possibly contact my lost babies.

    Thank you

  • Hi there I saw your post but I had no words of wisdom at that moment. My heartgoes out to you. How far pregnant were you? I can do a body scan for you and try to contact your babies, are you being medically checked?

    X Paddi

  • Hi Paddifluff,

    I have seen doctors. The first pregnancy I had a missed miscarriage and found out at 12 weeks during my ultrasound. That pregnancy was twins and I had to have a D&C. It looked like one of the babies died a week before the ultrasound...not sure how long the other lasted. They thought that fibroids caused the miscarriage so I had them removed. The second pregnancy I miscarried at 7 or 8 weeks. The third was a missed miscarriage and I found out at 8 weeks that the baby stopped developing but my body didn't miscarry and the gestational sac kept growing and I had to have a D&C at 13 weeks.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to help me.

  • Manifest, before I even start on psychic stuff, you should know if you don't already that the problem may not even lie with you, it could be with your husband. I can see what I can do but my advice would really be to go and talk to a doc and get both yourself and your husband/partner examined and tested. Normally after 3 miscarriages they do tests anyway, at least here they do (Netherlands). And do not give up hope, I had 2 miscarriages at 4 and 7 weeks and I now have 4 healthy kids. I know how frustrating it is though, the wish for a child is one of the worst yearnings I have ever experienced. It consumes your life.

    So anyway relax for now and I will see if I can pick up anything around you.


  • Thanks Paddifluff.

    They did do chromosomal testing on both of us and we were both OK.

  • Paddi,

    That's amazing, I know it's scary but isn't it also profound to "know" it? Sorry we haven't had much of a chance to talk lately I have been either out of it with concern or busy getting on track, please know it is not a lack of interest keeping me away, much to the contrary. You are in my thoughts far more than you know.

    My brother often has things like that come over him about weather conditions natural disasters and such. So you getting data on a royal family is not surprising to me at all.

    Way to go perhaps one day I will be as open as you are, but I'm far from there yet.

    I'll keep in touch I promise but feel free to contact me anytime, you know how.

  • 🙂

  • Manifest, I did not do a reading for you as I did not feel or sense that anything is wrong, wrong as in not natural. A miscarriage is nature's way of sorting the weak from the strong and as much as it hurts you must just be patient, keep a healthy lifestyle and do not dwell on it. It is NOT your fault in any way. If the docs are not getting involved then that is a good sign. Good luck and happy trying.


  • RC love ya sister we will catch up soon!

  • Thanks Paddifluff,

    But... I had the babies tested and they were also normal. I'm not sure what you mean by the doc's not getting involved. I don't know what testing they could do that we didn't already have.

  • Manifest there are a thousand reasons for a miscarriage and if your doc has not suggested IVF or alternative methods than the natural one of conceiving then there all you can do is keep trying. Sorry I am not a doc nyself and I cannot offer you any psychic advice because I have none, maybe you can start a new thread and ask Captain or Blmoon or Shuabby for more insight.

    Sorry. I can feel your pain and I k ow you are grabbing at loose ends to get back to a normal life, in this case time will be your only healer.


  • Thanks Paddi,

    We have seen many doctors. The twins were conceived through IVF. The last two pregnancies were natural conceptions. We have been at this for 8 years. Trust me I'm a patient person. I'm just at the end of my rope. I've spent around $60,000 on doctors for this so far.

    Yes, I'm looking for some psychic insight or some healing knowledge. I'll try one of the people you suggested.

  • Oh dear it sounds like it has become an obsession. Maybe you stop trying to force it. What a massive amount of money. I wish you luck in your endeavour but be assured tha you cannot force nature to do what it does not want to do until it is ready. I think the other psychics willt ell you the same though maybe they can give you more comfort and hope.


  • Like I said, the last two pregnancies were conceived naturally. We had no outside help. I don't think we have had enough help over the past 8 years because we couldn't afford more. It's just expensive because insurance doesn't cover anything. I'm certainly not obsessive.

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